Photo I have read that whippets avoid water and mud. Can anyone tell me if they are comfortable walking on

My whippet paddles in water, runs through muddy swamps and absolutley loves the beach!! He is a pampered pooch but he is a great explorer.... luckily he also loves a warm bath!

Photo whats the best food for a whippet

We feed our Whippet good quality dry food, one cup morning and the same at evening.

Photo How long do Whippets live?

12 - 14 years is typical.

Photo Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a dog and was considering a few breads which include a whippet. I h

Sounds like the perfect breed for you! I have a whippet x kelpie, she looks and behaves more like a pure whippet. She is maternal with my toddlers, loving, affectionate and very easy to train. They l

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