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My Xolo, Nina, was 7 months old when we got her, we have had her for 2 months. She very quickly bonded with me, but has yet to bond with anyone else in the family. They all think that I baby her (which is probably true). However, my husband has tried to take her out and when he went to put the leash on her, she bit him. If I put the sweater and leash on her, he can take her out. My son can get her sweater and leash on her and take her out but he has to corner her to get her out, he is the one who takes her out in the middle of the day for me. I ask her if she needs to go out and she'll follow me to the door. I don't understand why she won't bond with the family - she only wants me. Any ideas of what we can do to get her to look to others for attention, food, etc? FYI- Nina is completely house broken when we are paying attention to her. She is being spayed next week. Nina loves her toys and treats - but again, only wants them from me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you, Dawn

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Hi. How 'bout you not do ANYTHING (includes cuddling) with Nina. Then, she'll get used to the others. :)

Let your family feed her and give her treats, there are so many ways they can bond with her. When mine isn't in my lap, he sits with anyone around for warmth, or burrows under blankets. Plus she is still a puppy, the clinging will subside. Get her into a puppy preschool class. I found that reading everything I could about the breed and training helped. Find a good trainer to work with, it makes a difference.

She must learn that she's dependent on your son and husband as well as you. It sounds mean but it would be best if you ask them to feed her and walk her for a while; pack walks if possible, so she understands that they are her pack leaders as well. If she comes to you for "protection" from them, either ignore her or encourage her to go to them. They should then immediately play with her, feed her, etc.

This is a Xolo trait and I'm sure some experienced Xolo owners could help you out. Try reading this article first: http://xoloyourlove.blogspot.com/2012/01/wallys-world-chapter-3-busted.html. ..and get your husband and son to nicely coax Nina with some treats...Xolos are so sensitive to emotions and movement that "gently does it" seems to be the "necessary" action.

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