Photo how much are these dogs sold for? are they only found in Mexico? would they survive in Canada? (cool

Yes, they can survive in Canada. My dog Macy wears a child's size 3 turtle neck all winter and boots to go outside. This breed has an exceptional personality - ours was hand raised as her mother (Maya

Photo If i'm leaving in Canada and I want to rescue a xolo from the xoloitcuintle rescue league, how does

not too much involved with bringing your dog into canada. Customs will ask for the medical reports to ensure the dog is up to date with all required vaccinations and you will also need a copy of the

Photo My Xolo, Nina, was 7 months old when we got her, we have had her for 2 months. She very quickly bon

This is a Xolo trait and I'm sure some experienced Xolo owners could help you out. Try reading this article first: ..and g

Photo I am try to find a Xolo breeder somewhat near to Toronto Ontario any info would be greatly apprecia

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