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Are American Staffordshire terriers ok with living with another animal(like a cat)? (the dog is about 3 month old)

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we have 2 am staffs, one is14 and the other is 9. We also have 2 cats. if you raise them with cats usually the cats become part of the pack. The male am staff is a little less tolerant of the cats, and chases them around, and sometimes growl when they are in his face, but he tolerates them. keep the cat away when the dog is eating.

I got my AM Staff at the age of 3 years old, he was already raised by a single mother with children and a cat; thus his socialization skills were excellent. I have 2 children and a cat. The dog has never so much as barked at the children and the cat is the dominant of the two. I have very little company and never saw him as a protector because of his calm demeanor; however, he proved me wrong when a gentleman friend of mind put his hand around my neck as a joke, luckily the dog was caged. I must also add that I have had my dog professionally trained as he used to jump on the kids and barely listened to commands. Now I view him as the world's best dog. Training really does make a difference. Hope this helps.

I got my AmStaff at the age of 2 years old, she had been running wild outside with other dogs. We have 2 dogs and she is really great with them. While she is scared to death of our cat.

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