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Hi, I live in Belgium, do you think that it is possible to have a NAID here and what about the law and vaccinations?

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i doubt it. sorry, they are such an amazing breed! you might be able to have one shipped to you, but you must remember that a long trip like that to belgium may traumatize a dog, especially the NAID because it is so timid already. as for laws.. sometimes you can by-pass them if they dont allow dogs with recent wolf history by only refering to the dog as a NAID and state specifically what breeds go into it: GSD, husky, malamute and chinook. as for vaccinations, the NAID gets the same shots as a regular dog. the only problem is the rabies vaccine. im not a vet so i dont know how whether a regular dog vaccine will affect the NAID as it does have a little wolf in it, but depending on how far away the dog is from the wolf, it may be ok with regular dog vaccine. if its close to the wolf (mostly for people who got there dog when they were first being bred) they would be better off going for the Wolf vaccine, although its not proven to work, but its stronger than the regular. hope that makes sence and hope it helped! www.tala-koda-and-pack.wetpaint.com

If you can manage to safely get a NAID to be shipped to Belgium, then you should be fine. Like the article says, the Native American Indian Dog does not have wolf blood in it, so there should be any legal problems acquiring the breed, and regular dog vaccinations will work on the breed. The original NAID has diminished, so all registered NAIDs now are far from having any real wolf blood in them. They are just a combination of the 4 breeds mentioned in the article to both look and act like the original NAID. There is NO wolf in the blood line.

This is in response about the rabies vaccine. NAID's can be given the standard rabies vaccine since they are not wolf hybrids.

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