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How do you teach them (if they bark alot) to stop barking?? I dont have one yet... But I'm looking forward to. I REALLY want this dog but not if its amazingly barky... Which I dont know if it will be?

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The Yorkshire terrier is not any "barkier" then any other breed. They will alert to a strange sudden sound or if a stranger arrives. But, they can also be trained upon command. What you need to know that often new owners do wrong is the following: -you are playing with your pup, he or she becomes excited and starts barking, you have to show it no. If not, they will learn - I AM HAPPY, I AM BARKING, THAT IS WHAT I AM SUPPOSE TO DO. - you arrive home, they are happy to see you! They start barking. You greet them, cuddle them, talk to them, YOU HAVE JUST TAUGHT YOUR PUP/DOG WHEN SOMEONE ARRIVES AT THE DOOR, BARK! I GET ATTENTION!! You see, often a barky dog has been taught to be so. And that no matter the breed. Do not forget, a dog is a dog. They communicate by - tail, body language and vocally. That does not meant they should be taught to bark non-stop. Finally, being a Yorkshire terrier breeder and owner ( I have 9 beautiful Yorkies) I know that they can be excellent pets that do not bark without reason. Good luck!

My Yorkie was not a yapper as they sometimes get accused of. I once heard they are a product of their environment. If you have a quiet household, they will mimic the peacefulness. He did bark at noises and the vacuum cleaner but that's what dogs do.

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