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How many times a day should they be feed?

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for a 2 month old to a 5 month old yorkie pup 4 small meals a day isfine try giving them 1 meal a day from 1year and up

I feed my adult dog about 4 times a day. I divide his daily amount into 4 parts and then give it to him throughout the day. I started this when I noticed him regurgitating after meals: too large an amount made that happen. I think it all depends on the dog. Most people I know actually feed their dog twice a day: dogs tend to eat less this way.

You might want to read on the food bag you purchase what are the recommendation of the manufacturer. For example my dog is 7.2 lbs and the manufacturer of food trademark I purchase recommends 3/4 cup each day.Every morning I put 3/4 cup in the bowl and this is what he can eat each day. I would never recommend to keep the bowl full, you might see you dog becoming fat and this is not something you want.

I keep food out for mine all the time. But he is only fed dry food, no canned food. He's in perfect shape. I guess it depends all on how active your dog is.

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