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I am thinking about purchasing a yorkie for my daughter but have heard from a few people they are very hard to housebreak and they have accidents in the house all the time. Is this true? We currently own an Old English Bulldog.

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Well, maybe half true. Usually this is common in most small dogs. First of all, they don't have a large blatter to hold all that fluid. But if your up to it, take them out every few hours. This should help. Blessings with the house trainging:)

One thing that you can do is not leave water out all the time. Especially when training, by limiting the water that goes in, you limit the amount that needs to come out. If you put the water down, allow the dog to drink/eat, and then take it directly outside when finished, it gets the idea that this is where it's supposed to eliminate. Be particularly excited and praising when it does go outside. And use treats in the beginning.

I would suggest to buy training pads and bring it regularly on it. It will take a while but every puppy can have an 'accident'. The best is to bring the dog every half an hour on this pad and reward when he let go on it. If you do not like the pads then you need to bring the dog outside every half (each time on the same spot) and reward when he does it. Don't worry with goodies he will learn fast.After a while you may reward once every 3-4 times. He will always expect the goodies and if you keep giving the goodies he will keep doing whatever brings that goodie. If you do not want your dog to do it anywhere you need to watch it constantly and if you do not have the time you may train the dog with a kennel or a cage (which is the best way to control a dog).

I have a female and a male yorkie and the females took a good 6 months and the male is not quite trained all the way. You should take the puppie to puppie classes this is so helpfull and will teach you diffrent ways how to potty train dogs.

I'm going with the puppy pads and crate pair. This worked the best for me and my yorkie and chihuahua. After they ate (2 -3 times a day, never free feeding) I waited about 20-30 minutes and put them on the puppy pad. If they didn't need to go I put them in their crate or watched them real close until they did their tell-tale signal then ran them to the puppy pad. If they had an accident that you couldn't prevent I always scooped em up and put them in their crate for a time out then straight back to the puppy pad. They are 7 and 8mos old now and are completely accident free.

My yorkies have always slept with me and my husband. They are very cuddly. They like to curl up next to your legs or back. They don't necessarily want you to touch them. I never had a problem with any of them going potty in the bed. They know they aren't supposed to but they will lick you in the face when they have to go! Could be several times a night in the beginning but becomes less frequent as they age. My baby is 1 year old now and wakes me at 5:00 a.m. You can set your clock to him!

All 12 of my babies are trained at a young age to use wee wee pads and then on to using a litter box for during the night. They get outside during the day supervised by me and me only. Being that I live in ND and in a rural setting I have to watch for eagles, hawks and owls. The fact that we get so cold here in ND (sometime 30 below) is why I went to litter box training. It took me about three weeks to get the training down pat and occassionally one of the littler puppies will have an accident but, it is far and few between. Terri

No that's not true I have a Yorkie and it didn't take me long to train him to go outside

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