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I was reading above and it says they aren't wolves but a combination of Shepherd, Husky, Malamute and Chinook. I've never heard of a Chinook?

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yes the chinook is a tan/black dog that originated in my state, New Hampshire. recently it actually became the state dog. they are very pretty and strong, often used in dog sledding. there is actually wolf in this breed, but it was used in the beginning and with so much breeding, the wolf blood is not as apparent as it was when the breed first started out. you will find many many people deny it but they are pretty stubborn. there is reason though of course. when people think wolves, they think vicious, mean dogs but thats opposite of the NAIDs. take it from an actual owner of the breed, they are the sweetest dogs you will EVER own!

I am curious about the wolf blood in the NAID. The breeders today state that there is no wolf blood in the breed, but yet, it is posted on this list that yes, wolf blood was used in the foundation stock. Do you have proof of this? Is this what you were told from the breeder that you got your NAID from? From what I have seen of the foundation stock on the Majestic View site, there is nothing that looks remotely like a wolf hybrid. Is it possible that you purchased a dog that was sold as a NAID but really is just a wolf hybrid? I assume that the person who answered the original question was a person who got their pup from someone other than Majestic View Kennels? Sure wish there was a DNA test that could be done to validate your claim.

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