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My 5 month old yorkie has a horable smell to his face - his tears and nose smell so bad. The vet said it would go away but he has a lot of tears and when he shakes his head he waters us and the smell is awful. Should we be concerned or what is causing this? The Vet seemed unconcerned.

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Hi There, Make sure your Yorkie doesn't have to much hair around his eyes. That will cause a terrible smell. Get the hair trimmed around his eyes. Dampen a tea bag and squeeze most of the tea out. gently wipe his eyes with the wet tea bag. My vet. helped me with this and all is well. Good luck!!!

My Yorkie had an awful smell to her tears and rubbed her eyes alot. Two weeks of antibiotics to cure her eye infection and the smell is gone as is the scratching! Try a different vet.

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