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we have our yorkies in a cage at night to sleep,and they bark. they just started doing this! does anyone know why? how can we teach them to be quiet?

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I think maybe they're getting used to sleeping. Small dogs like this are active and can't stay put. Maybe to train them, try exhausting them before bed time. This should get the tired out and make them fall asleep faster. Give them a treat or toy when ever they are quiet. Hopefully it works!

How big is the cage? A dog's crate should be big enough for them to stand up and lay down in, but not much larger. It could be that the cage is too big and not providing the comfort of a den that it could be providing. Definitely DO NOT respond when they bark because all that does is encourage the behavior. If you ignore it, it will go away. Giving the treats will only work if you work on the problem of them being quiet while in their cage during the day. And you need to wait at least 5 minutes before you reward the calm behavior so that you reinforce it. And my final question is this: since you've started caging them, have you moved them off somewhere not centrally located? Or are they just objecting to their loss of freedom? If they're stuffed off somewhere, I would definitely move them back closer to you - they're pack animals and you're part of their pack. But if it's just in objection, not acknowledging the behavior will help it go away.

What kind of exercise do they do during the day? They should walk on a leash at least half an hour each day. They should not be autorised to bark at any time and if they do you may tell them shshshsh and touch them firmly (without hurting them of course) to show them this behavior is not acceptable.My Yorkshire is almost 2 years old and he does bark very very rarely.remember: YOU are the pack leader and your responsibility is to disciplin your dog with calm and autority.

yorkies love attention from their owners -- they do not like isolation -- try keeping a small radio to help soothe then during the night unless they are able to sleep with you -- if the bed is too high -- get the pet steps and train to use pee pee pads and if they have to use the potty during the night -- they can get down and use the pads

I would try having them sleep with you. When I had my Yorkie, he would never stop whining and barking when I went to sleep. I had him sleep with me and he was quiet and calm and layed right by my head. I don't know if it will work for you, but I'd try it! Hope I helped!

Crates are the best thing for a dog at night - keeps them out of trouble and lets them have a quiet place away from everything. If they're making noise at night keep a light blanket or towel over it. Also keep a blanket on the inside, when my yorkie was younger and in the winter, I always keep a water bottle filled with hot water in it to keep it warm and comfortable. Don't go to them when they're carrying on otherwise they'll know how to get your attention in a bad way.

Dogs don't hate crates my dog is to big for hers but, that doesn't stop her from laying in it and letting her head fall out. Maybe they want to be able to move more freely?

I tell my dogs No Bark. If they continue to bark, I spray them with a water bottle. I have nine dogs and you'd be amazed at how quiet they can be if they know they will get sprayed with water if they bark.

try and put a blanket over their kennel and see how that works. By doing this it lets them be more at ease and they also can't see whats going on outside of the cage so it limits thier barking. they may bark a little at first but just try it and see. ( =

wow!!! would you put your child in a cage at night?

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