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This breed should have a square head with long ears and minimal folds. They eyes should be slightly droopy. A deep chest is preferred and feet that tow out like the Basset Hound. The body is a little more compact like that of a Beagle with muscle mass covering the body.

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Bagle Hounds tend to be an even mix of a Basset Hound and a Beagle. They are great hounds and will follow a scent no matter what. They are incredibly playful and social like a Beagle, but they tend to have a lazy side like the basset Hound. Any mix of Basset Hound and Beagle traits can be found in this mix. The Bagle Hound will less energetic than a Beagle but more than a Basset Hound and will have more energy during the hunt. They love games and enjoy doing task such as fetch and games of hide the ball. This breed will roam if let off leash due to its sense of smell. It may track for miles. They are sometimes stubborn and very intelligent. They are loyal and most listen well.

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10-13 inches
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33-55 pounds
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General Health

Some may be prone to epilepsy. They also may be prone to ear problems and could need cleaning at least once a week.

Special care needs to be given to this breeds ears. Moisture can settle in the ear canal causing an ear infection. This is due to the large, hanging ears of this breed. Most owners choose to use over the counter cleansers.

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This hybrid was developed by rabbit hunters. They liked the Basset Hounds superior nose and the drive of the Beagle. They developed a slow tracking hound but with enough energy to finish the hunt.

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Bagle Hounds are low-maintenance. Their short coat only needs a periodic bath.

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Ideal Environment

Like most hound breeds, the Bagle Hound needs room to run and play. Beagles can be very active at times. The Bagle Hound can get bored with being indoors. They need long walks or a yard to play in for stimulation.

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