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(Beagle and Bolognese mix) The Beaglolo is a small to medium sized hybrid. It sports a medium to long coat. He loves his family and is happy to be engaging in play.

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Not known to be a super high energy hybrid, the Beaglolo enjoys walks and playful engagement. They are friendly by nature and you shouldn\'t have an issue with barking.

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10-16 inches
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9-22 pounds
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General Health

Health concerns that could be passed down from parents may include; Patellar Luxation, Retinal Atrophy, Dysplasia, Diabetes, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, and Heart Murmur.

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The Beaglolo is a relatively new hybrid dog. The parent breed, the Beagle, was bred in England for hunting purposes. It\'s extraordinary sense of smell make it an excellent tracking dog. More recently the Beagle has been used for sniffing out drugs. The Bolognese is believed to date back to the Italian Renaissance. This breed can be seen in paintings. They were enjoyed by Royalty as loving pets.

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The Beaglolo will require daily brushing as the medium to long coat can become matted if not properly maintained. A professional hair trim is also needed. If the coat is light in color, tear staining may occur. Regular wiping with a damp cloth will help keep this area clean. Also note, if the ears are floppy you will need to pay close attention to keeping this area clean as well.

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Ideal Environment

The Beaglolo is a bit of a high energy dog, so a fenced yard is best. Be sure it is secure, because the Beagle trait is a hunter and once on track it can be difficult to deter.

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