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The Boshih has a semi-flat face. The tail should be long and curly. The hair will be medium to long, straight and come in many colors. The fur can also come in a short length, but still maintaining that soft puppy fur quality even after the dog grows to adulthood. Some fur will be soft or wiry in texture.

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This breed is intelligent and fairly easy to train. They enjoy trips to the dog park and leash walks with their owners. They generally strive to please.

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12-16 inches
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10-20 pounds
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General Health

The are genetically disposed to issues with their eyes and respiratory systems. Since they are prone to those cute little bulging eyes, they can also pop out of their skull, or get damaged from playing. Also, since both breeds are brachycephalic (pug-nosed, short muzzle, round head) they tend to snore a lot and have breathing problems. It is important to keep them cool in hot weather. Their limited breathing also hinders their abilities to pant and cool themselves off. They can also suffer from sleep apnea.

Some are known to have skin allergies to wild plants such as clover.

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Boshihs are relatively easy to maintain. They need bi-weekly brushing and bathing and regular leash walks.

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Ideal Environment

This breed loves being around large families and children. They enjoy cuddling and pleasing their owners. They are very active and may not be suited for the elderly because of their playful nature.

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What is the lifespan of a Boshih?



I have a BoShih puppy about 9 weeks old. She weighs less than 3 lbs. When do Boshih's generally reach adult height and weight?

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