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The Bullboxer will have the traditional markings and coloring of the Boxer. Most body types tend to favor the Boxer. They have a powerful chest with strong front legs and slightly thinner back legs.

The Bull Boxer is part of the large dog family. Its looks vary and it is classified officially as a mutt because of its mixed heritage. The appearance varies greatly. The variations normally occur in the face, tail, coat length and color. The size and shape normally remains constant. The Bull Boxer has a strong build with long slender legs. The chest is barrel-like and the ears are long and droopy. Most of the time, short rough fur covers its body. Color differs from dog to dog.

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This breed does well with children and other dogs if properly socialized. Generally, it is very playful.

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16-27 inches
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37-75 pounds
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General Health

This breed of dog is prone to heart disease and skin cancer. It should live indoors and not outdoors due to its short fur. Harmful sunrays tend to sunburn this breed's skin, which could later lead to skin cancer. To prevent skin cancer in a Bull Boxer, most owners try to provide plenty of shade when outdoors.

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The average life span of this breed is 12 or 13 years of age. Sometimes this breed can live to be 15 years of age with proper care.

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Ideal Environment

The Bull Boxer is acclimated to apartment living as long as it receives sufficient daily exercise. It prefers a large yard and frequent trips to the dog park will be required if a yard isn’t available.

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