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Size - Miniature: 12-15 inches tall (at shoulder) - Standard: 15-19 inches tall (at shoulder) Toy Size Males: 12-13 inches high Females: 12-13 inches high Weight Males: 10-20 lbs Females: 10-20lbs
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13-19 pounds
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General Health

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This breed requires regular brushing and monthly bathes. Their coat is long and extremely fine making it quite easy to mat or have foreign objects such as twigs get caught in it. This breed has an incredibly smooth coat that is of medium length. This coat is straight, wispy and curls are considered a fault when showing. They will need to be brushed about twice per week to keep their coat in immaculate shape. These dogs will need to be taken on walks everyday for about half an hour as they use up most of their energy during the daytime. They are perfect for people that live in apartments because they don't take up much space, but a back yard would be preferable so they can have an outdoor area to run around in. These dogs are very playful indoors and tend to only need smaller amounts of exercise per day.

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Ideal Environment

Although they are meant to be companion dogs, a CAVAMO will chase animals. They are a breed that will need time spent off-leash to run around at their own pace, many owners prefer dog parks so they can socialize at the same time. Eskimos need to be part of the family and love to be lavished with attention. They are naturally wary of strangers, never overly shy nor aggressive. They become instant friends once introduced to them and are great with other dogs and small pets. They are not the type to be possessive or jealous. This breed thrives on being around the family and should not be left alone often as this will result in a very depressed dog.

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