Photo Does anyone have an answer as far as keeping the stains from around the eyes of a cavachon. This is

Try "I-Clenz" it's fantastic.....Just google it and buy it online. They send internationally....

Photo Hi i recently purchased a cavaZOO... that is mother was a mix of bichon and cavalier spaniel .. fath
Photo what is the best brush to use for a cavachon?

Your fingers, Seriously,,,,, then for his ears if you want The King Charles Look on then just use any strain plastic brush with skin so soft from Avon.....Hope it help

Photo Do cavachons shed?

Cavachons are low to non shedding. Most have a Bichon Frise coat which, in a purebred, does not shed, but since one of their parents is a Cavalier, they can have a somewhat shedding coat. F1s typi

Photo Where can I find information on good, responsible Cavachon breeders?

Try Gleneden in Berrysville VA

Photo Do the cavachons have runny eyes or are they prone to ear infections?

Can't speak for the breed as a whole, of course, but my dog's eyes do tear and since I always hated that look, I'm using Angel Eyes which does help (but doesn't eliminate problem completely)(expensive

Photo How big do they get?

15 to 20 pounds

Photo Can you breed a cavachon and a cavachon? They are from different families and my daughter and her h

Second generation cavachons have been known to lose their no shred properties. The only way to keep the cavachon as no shex and hypoallergenic is to breed a spaniel and a bichon.

Photo Does anyone have a good idea how to break my cavachon of licking her front paws?


Photo We have a 6mth old puppy,he started going lame in his back left leg to the point he has been unable

I don't have an answer, but my 10-month-old Cavachon also has trouble with his right hind leg (hip seemingly going out of joint and then back in. He limps for about 30 seconds or so, and then seems

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