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(Chinese Crested and Pomeranian mix) The Chinaranian is a cute little designer dog. He will only weigh about 9 pounds at maturity. The coat is usually short. They make a good family dog, but small children won\'t make a good match. This little guy will require quite a bit of exercise. He doesn\'t like being alone, but prefers to entertain his owner. They are a bit difficult to train, but patience pays off.

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The Chinaranian is known to be sweet, loving and very protective of owners its bonded with. Nipping may be inherent in this breed and will need to be trained out.

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10 inches
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8-9 pounds
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General Health

The Chinaranian is prone to patella luxation (weak cruciate ligaments) which may be accelerated due to this breeds love of jumping.

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The Chinese Crested hales from Africa or Mexico. It hasn\'t been documented, but it is not believed to come from China. The Pomeranian is from Pomeerania (Germany and Poland). These dogs have been companions of people such as Martin Luther, Michelangelo, Sir Isaac Newton and Mozart along with Queen Victoria.

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Most owners choose to comb the Chinaranian at least once a week. Grooming will be required every 2-3 months based on undergrowth. Many owners choose a lion cut during the summer months to keep this breed cool.

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Ideal Environment

The Chinaranian requires a bit of exercise but in small amounts. They can get overheated if playing too long, especially in hot weather. Frequent short walks and trips to the park will keep him in good health. On the other hand, they don\'t thrive in extreme cold either, so be sure to purchase a nice warm jacket for winter months.

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