Photo Should I expect any behavior changes? How long doesa menstrual last? What should I use as protec

They make doggy diapers specifically for that for ALL different sizes of dogs! You just wash it when shes done and keep it on her while running free in your house and i believe when you take her out t

Photo How often do you feed him and about how much? He is a picky eatter.

I feed Bentley (my 8 month old chorkie - 1/4 chi and 3/4 yorkie) twice a day a little less than 1/3 of a cup of Blue Buffalo Small Breed Puppy food. He seems to like it :)

Photo my chorkie has long hair and short hair mixed he has really long hair around his eyes how do i keep

Your groomer should be able to trim him around his eyes. My chorkie gets trimmed about every two months.

Photo My Chorkie has recently started vomitting a lot more; it's a yellowish-whiteish coloring. And he is

I also have a Chorkie and she vomit also a lot! I went to the doctor and he gave her some pills to de-worm her. Now it's better but some days it comes back. Maybe it's typical for the breed or stres-r

Photo My 5 month old male chorkie has a growth on the back lower part of his left ear. I noticed it about

please take him to a vet for help

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