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The coat of the Cockalier will also depend upon which parent the dog takes after as well. Some Cockaliers tend to have a coat that more resembles the Cavalier while there are other dogs that will take more after the Cocker Spaniel. Maintenance will depend upon which parentage the dog takes after.

For the most part, the Cockalier will tend to take on more of one of their parent’s shape than a combination of both. As a result, some Cockaliers tend to be somewhat short and have bodies that are stocky; similar to that of the Cocker Spaniel. There are also other Cockaliers that will have a body shape that is more similar to that of the Cavalier. The actual size of the dog will also depend upon the weight of the parents. For the most part, Cockaliers tend to weigh between about 20 pounds and 30 pounds.

The Cockalier is a hybrid or designer breed that is a mix between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel. This breed is available in many different colors as well as with a variety of markings. One of the most common markings is the Blenheim, which is a white color with spots that are golden red. The actual color of the dog will depend upon the lineage. There are many different possible markings and colors that may come through both the Cavalier as well as the Cocker Spaniel lines.

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The Cockalier breed is known for being easy-going and having a disposition that is sweet. They are also well known for being easily trained. For the most part, they get along well with children and make good family pets. They also get along well with other animals in the home as well. Their intelligence allows them to be quick learners and they typically have a strong desire to please their owners. Generally, they are easy to housetrain. This is a very loyal dog that does not usually display any signs of aggression. The smaller breed dogs should be supervised when playing with young children because they may be easily injured by energetic play. These dogs do love to play and should be provided with ample opportunity to play, especially with balls and ropes which they can tug on.

This dog looks really similar to other small spaniels but this breed is a hybrid.But they are a companion dog and can be ruby red like cavalier or other spaniel color's.Will the now extinct Toy Trawler Spaniel because extinct and it believed to be a cavalier cocker mix.But some people ask if the cavalier cocker was almost extinct like the cavalier.But the now today Boston Terriers they were a bulldog English white terrier mix.

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12-15 inches
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10-40 pounds

10-20 pounds
20-40 pounds
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General Health

The Cockalier breed tends to be prone to having problems with ear infections, which comes from the Cocker Spaniel line. This can typically be prevented through frequent inspections and cleanings. The best course of action is to treat the problem early on rather than allowing it to go until it becomes serious. Prospective owners may wish to investigate the parentage to determine how serious this problem may be in their dog.

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The Cockalier breed is considered to be a designer breed which has become quite popular in the last few years as there is an increasing demand for dogs that have the best features of the Cocker Spaniel and the Cavalier. There are usually both first generation dogs as well as second generation Cockaliers available. First generation dogs are produced through breeding a purebred Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier while second generation dogs are produced by breeding hybrid Cockaliers.

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The coat of the Cockalier will generally vary depending on whether the dog takes after the Cocker Spaniel or the Cavalier. There are some dogs in this breed that will have a coat that is curlier and more similar to that of the Cocker Spaniel while others will have a coat that is finer and more like the Cavalier. Dogs that have taken more after the Cavalier line will need to have more attention paid toward their ears. This is because the fine hair on this type of coat can easily become snarled. Also, it should be noted that the Cockalier with a Cavlier coat will be a moderate shedder. While this breed does housetrain easily, owners should be aware that because it is a small breed, the Cockalier tends to have a small bladder and will need to be walked or taken out more often than a larger breed dog in order to prevent accidents.

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Ideal Environment

The best environment for the Cockalier is one in which they will have plenty of space in which to run and play. While this breed can do well in an apartment, the owner will need to make sure that they provide plenty of opportunities for playing and exercising. When taking the Cockalier out for walks, it is important to realize that some dogs in this breed enjoy hunting small game so they are known to give chase when they encounter small game such as squirrels and rabbits. This is a dog that does well with training and when trained early will learn to respond to commands easily.

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How heavy does a cockalier shed?

We have a cockalier and you can't get near her with any type of clothing that attracts or shows hair easily. We are constantly vacuuming under everything as "dust bunnies" love to accumulate from all of her shedding.


We purchased a Cockalier a few months ago at a pet store. She is beautiful and very good dog. Our question is - can a cockalier have multi colored eyes. Her brother that is still at the pet store has one blue and one dark colored eye. We found this to be a little strange - we have looked at many pictures to see if maybe we could find one with mulit colored eyes but have found none. Her brother has the color of an Austrailian Shepard

I think all dogs can have 2 coloured eyes. A border collie I know has one blue and 1 brown. I have never seen one on a cockalier. I usually see them on border collies or as you said sometimes australian Shepard's. I dont quite know but I think any dog could probably have it and that dog answers your question. If it is a cockalier and has different eyes, then they must be able to. I hope I have helped. good luck with you dog. she is beautiful


Are Cockalier's proned to heart mumurs

Because Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very prone to heart murmurs, Yes. It's in the mix. I think the hope is that mixing the two breeds will get rid of the heart problems. I hope they are right.


We recently rescued a three year old male Cockalier. He had to have extensive surgery on his left rear knee. The only concern we have so far is that it seems that because of having surgery on his rear leg, every time he cocks his leg to urinate, he hits his front leg and belly. We are hoping that as his back leg gets stronger, this will be less of a problem. My question, does anyone else have this problem with the male Cockalier? His fur is more like a Cavalier than a Cocker, but should we consider having his belly hair cut short until his back leg gets stronger or this just an issue that we might have to permanently deal with?


I absolutely adore the Cocker Spaniel and Cavalier KCS breeds. That said, is it really necessary to encourage the breeding of "designer" mixed breed dogs when millions of mixed breed dogs are euthanized each year because nobody wants them?


My husband and I are looking for a reputable Cockalier breeder in or around South Carolina. Does anyone know of one? We are willing to travel but not too terribly far and would rather not have our puppy shipped to us. Thanks, The Hershey Family


Our Dorothy is the most wonderful dog in the world. She 5 years old and amazingly athletic. She could chase a ball all day and does 210 degree flips in the air effortlessly. She also does that boing-boing straight-up jump that jack russels are known for. Previously we had a very sleepy cocker and have known many cavaliers who enjoy just sitting. Alot. We thought the cockalier breed would be more passive than our gal. By the way, I'm not complaining...just a little suprised.

Our cockalier pup is almost 5 months old and does all those things you describe. I especially enjoy her when she is our "springy girl" or what you call doing that boing-boing thing. She loves to jump up and try to grab snowflakes out of the air and chase balls, etc. This my first cockalier so I don't know if this is typical, but it definitely my girl!


are grapes bad for dogs? says that yes both grapes and raisins can be harmful to dogs:


Hello there, we just rescued a cockalier. He is 1 year old and adorable BUT he has major seperation issues and will not leave my mothers side. He can not be left alone and he is he goes balistic. Also when people walk into the house or he is introduced to a new face he brks and howls and hides behind my mother. Is this normal? And can it be corrected? ASAP!!! lol

it is normal , the dog has to get used to the new faces before anything. let the dog smell the back of the hand of the new face. due to the separation issue, it isn't really an issue it just that is who he/she feel more comfortable with.


Hello there, we just rescued a cockalier. He is 1 year old and adorable BUT he has major seperation issues and will not leave my mothers side. He can not be left alone and he is he goes balistic. Also when people walk into the house or he is introduced to a new face he brks and howls and hides behind my mother. Is this normal? And can it be corrected? ASAP!!! lol In adition his barking has become loud and annoying. I understand it's about his seperation from his family but what can we do to help him through this without spending an arm and a leg on tons of training?

I am not a dog trainer, but I do have a cockalier who had the same issue. We worked with her on our own and she is now able to stay out when we are gone and she does fine and has calmed down drastically when people come over. The main thing you have to understand is its not a quick fix. The dog is scared. Cockaliers usually want to please though, which can come in really handy when training. So since he is attatched to your mother, your mother needs to show how she is displeased with him. I would have her work with gating him in another room when she is home, if he starts to bark she needs to correct him immediately. When he is quiet she needs to praise him. I would do this for awhile, eventually lead up to her leaving and standing outside the front door. If he starts barking she can come back in and correct him. Cockaliers want to make thier owners happy therefore she is who he sees as the lead dog. Therefore she needs to set the boundaries with him. When people come over perhaps have your mother introduce them to him as well. I woul work with the seperation anxiety first. Once he begins to feel more confident there he will probably show signs of more confidence in other areas, at which time she can introduce him to guest, or have him gated when you bring guests into the home. Than let him out so that he won't be so overwhelmed.

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