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The Euro Mountain Sheparnese characteristics can vary greatly depending on the breeding liniage. Generally their stature is larger than the German Shepherd (GSD) and less than the Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD). Height can also vary but generally stand taller than GSD and BMD possibly as a result of cross breeding. Markings will traditionally look more GSD however may also carry certain fur markings particular to the BMD such as white flashes on toes, chest and also Tan colored eyebrows which may lead individuals to mistake this hybrid as a Rottweiller cross. Males weight will range from 100 to 120 lbs depending on breed standards of parents. Fur not only will vary in terms of markings but will also vary in finish/length. Moulting is likely to be consistent 365 days a year.

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese is known for feathered ears and its fur resembles the German Shepherd most of the time.

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This dog is an exceptionally willful yet faithful at the same time. Temperament is certainly a combination of GSD and BMD together and this breed is not for a first time dog owner. Be prepared to be challenged as they will test your wit and temperament. Generally this dog will push boundaries and requires firm correction where behavior should be discouraged. Aggressive correction should not be used as this will prompt more physical responses. A good balanced dog will grow to be an affectionate and loyal companion that is safe with the entire family. Supervision is recommended with children.As a puppy they will challenge all aspects of your lifestyle and require great attention in the first 8 months. Teething can be a painful time due to the growth of molars the same size of the Bernese. Owners should have a set of rag toys which can be soaked in water and frozen to alleviate any pain during teething. Socializing from day one is paramount. Leash training is very important and the ability to be able to recall your dog. Lack of training on the leash can lead to a tenancy to pull heavily due to the Bernese standard in their breeding (bred to be cart pullers).As an adult, they are keen to ensure they are part of the family and do not like being separated from their owners. This should not be confused as separation anxiety but a simple will to be part of the family and their guardian instincts. Those who wish to have a cuddly dog will be rewarded.

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Min 26 inches
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85-110 pounds
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General Health

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese is a healthy breed. In puppy hood be cautious of skin irritations which may need addressing. German Shepherds are prone to dietary sensitivities which means that the right food is very important not only for health but also for making sure they don't eat additives which may cause over activity. Before 10 months the dog should not be neutered. Delayed neutering allows a growing dog to achieve the correct hormone levels to stimulate proper growth. Neutering early may cause further hip issues in later life. It's best to only buy from breeders who screen their pups for an array of disease and joint defects.

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This breed requires medium maintenance in terms of grooming; however, it should have a one month overhaul to groom and cut out any dreadlocks that may have developed. Food intake is medium despite the size of the dog. They will not overeat like a Labrador but do enjoy treats. Be sure not to over feed this breed high calorie treats as they may rapidly gain weight.

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Ideal Environment

A common misconception is that you have to have a large area to exercise this dog. Anything could be further from the truth. The dog should not be overexercised until it reaches 18 months of age. However, the dog should still be taken for daily leash walks.

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I have a euro mountain sheparnese dog and he is now 15 weeks he is close to 40 lbs so far and i was wondering if he may be on a normal growth track , he eats twice a day on purinapuppy chow . I guess i just think that he is pretty big for his age, char

That sounds about right!!!! However, I highly suggest you change his food to California Natural or Wellness or anything that has "higher quality ingreidients" and no bone-meal or by-products. We used to feed all of our dogs & cats Purina thinking it was great but got yelled at by two different vets about how horrible it was. It's not the worst food for them, but they said it's like feeding your child McDonald's everyday. Apparently it causes Cancer and Diabetes!!!! I almost burst into tears - they do such a good job with the marketing!!! She said to read labels, labels, labels on the back. If it has a by-product as any of the first 3 ingredients put it back! They aren't super expensive (Wellness is kind of pricey and Evo is too) but Healthwise & California Natural are pretty reasonable. I've already noticed in the last 3 months a HUGE difference in the amount of shedding, their coats (super sleek, soft, BLACK, and very shiny) and just their bodies in general. I own a rescued 5 year old purebred German Shepherd and every since I switched over the food & added Fish Oil (1000mg a day), she runs around like a puppy! No joke. Also I just wanted to ad, because of the richness of the food you usually can get away with feeding a little less and in the long run you'll save money on vet bills and hopefully prolong your new pup's life! Post pics - mine is "Zeus" and he is laying on the tan couch. Feel free to e-mail me at - I live in Burlington, VT. Best of luck and hope that helps. With excellent food I guarantee he will grow to be one healthly little beast!!!!


Trying to find a litter or breeder of Euromountain Sheparnese to replace our 10 year old Sheparnese that we recently lost to Bloat. Do you know where we can find this mix?

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