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The Jack-a-bee has a face of a beagle and the body of a Jack Russell Terrier. Some have long, floppy ears and are very muscular. Others have short terrier-like ears with small bodies. Most are spotted with patches and have the temperament of the Jack Russell. The tail can range from the long tail of the Beagle or the cropped tail of the Jack Russell Terrier.

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Jack-a-Bees are very intelligent dogs. They are quick to learn commands and tricks. They also have a fun-loving energetic personality. They will love everyone in the household and may bond especially to their owners. Some Jack-a-bees may be hyper and will need extra walks and exercise. This breed can be mischievous.

They will play-bite and be stubborn during training but if you have a treat every time it goes out it will learn house training

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16 inches
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15-35 pounds
20-40 for more jack Russell dogs and beagle 15-30
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General Health

The health of a Jack-A-Bee is being more looked into, however the only known health issue is epilepsy (this breed IS being looked into)

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Jack-a-bees make for great hunters. They have the speed and temperament of the Jack Russell and the tracking ability of the Beagle.

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Jack-A-Bees are low maintenance and very easy to take care of. Bathing every three weeks is recommended.

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Ideal Environment

Jack-A-Bees are high-energy dogs, thanks to the energy levels present in both master breeds which comprise this hybrid. A Jack-A-Bees ideal environment would be a home where there are people who are very fond of outdoor activities such as walking and hiking, and going to the park. Ideally, a Jack-A-Bees owner would take the dog to an enclosed dog park for off-leash runs frequently to allow the dog to expel some of it's inherent frenetic energy. Due to the Beagle part of this dog, Jack-A-Bees are very fixated on scent and will be able to sniff out almost anything from almost anywhere, especially if it is food! They track scents masterfully, and as a consequence it is unwise to let Jack-A-Bees off-leash unless in an enclosed area such as a dog park or fenced backyard, as the dog could easily run away after a scent it is following and be unable to find it's way home. Jack-A-Bees are very sweet dogs with an excellent disposition towards adults and children, although with their Beagle heritage they can certainly be a bit stubborn from time to time. They are very social and socialize easily once they get comfortable with new people. They are high-energy, and can suffer from anxiety (frequently separation anxiety when left home alone). The future owner of a Jack-A-Bee will recognize and accept this and should equip themselves with a good quality crate for the dog to feel safe in while it's owners are not home. A Jack-A-Bee left uncrated (especially a puppy or adolescent) has a high likelihood of chewing household furnishings due to separation anxiety.

Try to take your dog on a long walk every night, especially puppies for they will bark and wake you up.

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