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The Japillon has a long coat that consists mainly of white as a primary colour and black or tan as a secondary colour. Although the mix can produce a squash-face resembling the Japanese Chin (or spaniel), it is far more common to produce a snout resembling that of the Papillon. The tail is long and very fluffy and as such must be brushed to prevent matting in dogs older than 1yr. Very smart, intelligent eyes. Full grown stands at about mid-calf.

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The Japillon is a very active and social dog, therefore exercising and socialization is a must to keep this dog happy. Very sweet nature and a good watch dog (not guard dog). Will bark if stranger is approaching his/her property but will not attack if stranger enters- the Japillon will move a safe distance away from stranger and continue barking until told to stop. Easy to train and very willing to please, great at agility. Great with other dogs, cats, ferrets, birds and fish. The Japillon would make a great family dog as it is good around adults and children of all ages. Although it likes attention, the Japillon can be left to entertain itself quite happily.

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A full grown Japillon will stand (at shoulder height), at around mid-calf of the average sized adult.
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The Japillon does weigh slightly more than the Japanese Chin (spaniel) and Papillon. Fully grown this dog will weigh at around 5-7kg.
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General Health

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As stated above, the Japillon is an active and social dog, therefore a potential owner must have a sizable yard for exercise and play or be prepared to take the dog for walks. Visiting areas were other dogs are ie- dog parks and/or beaches is recommended for this breed. Due to the Japillons long coat, daily brushing is required to prevent matting and excessive shedding.

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Ideal Environment

Ideally, this dog should be homed in an area where he/she can run around and play. However, this breed will do fine in a townhouse/apartment/unit if owner is prepared to take the dog for walks. The breed can be happily homed either with another dog or by itself.

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