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The Muggin is a happy, playful, and energetic dog. These dogs require a lot of activity and develop a close bond with owners. They get along with other dogs, pets, and even with small children, making them a complete family pet. They are difficult to train, and it is advised to get them trained in the early years. Due to their habit of frequent barking, they are not suited for apartment-style living. They have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

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The loving, caring, and affectionate breed which they are, they love to sit on the lap, beside the family members and do not miss an opportunity to show their love. One must understand that licking their family members is a way of showing their love and affection and one must always be ready for them. They are wary of strangers and must be socialized properly. The loving and caring breed which they are, they suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long intervals of time. However, unlike other dogs, their separation anxiety can be addressed by introducing another dog in the family.

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10-14 inches.
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12-22 lbs.
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General Health

The Muggin dog breed is prone to some health issues and their owners are advised to play close attention to the below mentioned health issues: Major Concerns Hip Dysplasia Epilepsy Megaesophagus Von Willebrand\'s Disease Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease Liver Problems Minor Concerns Demodectic Mange Hypoglycemia Hypothyroidism Pateller Luxation

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The hybrid called the Muggin is a new breed of dog without a detailed history. The exact time of their origin is still unknown.

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Their short coat hair sheds regularly and this increase at the time of spring and winter. Daily brushing of your dog is advised and also regular vacuuming of the house in order to remove the hair being shed from the coat. Frequent bathing is not advised as it would lead to skin problems and it is advised to use a mild dog shmapoo. The ears need to be checked for infections, and it is recommended to brush their teeth at least twice a week to avoid dental problems. It is advised to clip their nails as and when necessary.

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Ideal Environment

Taking the genes from their Miniature Pinscher parent, Muggins have a high energy level. They need to be exercised for at least an hour daily. This can be divided into two to three sessions as they need at least two walks in a day, accompanied with playing indoor and outdoor. They also love going to the dog park so that is something which can also be added in their routine. One must keep a close watch on them, because if you notice behavioral issues, then it means they need more activity time. Another reason to keep them on daily exercises and activity is that they tend to be overweight, so a regular exercise and activity time would ensure they remain healthy. Special care to be taken during extreme climatic conditions.

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