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The Poochin is made from the cross between the Poodle and the Japanese Chin. This lovable fur dog is an excellent companion dog having a nature which is happy, quiet, and playful. A lot of physical activity is not needed by this breed, but on the other hand, enjoys being cuddled and long hours of lap time, thus becoming the ultimate choice for people who are less active. Their life expectancy is 12-15 years

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This breed is very affectionate and loves human interaction.

The Poochin is an excellent dog for senior people of singles who in their daily routine do not have either the ability or time to take them for rigorous exercises. However, this dog does need its share of physical activities, it may develop behavioral issues and also lead to weight gain. Taking the dog into the backyard for some walks and a little time of fetch and play is enough dosage of activity for this dog. The Poochin has a very accepting nature and socializing them early helps them to interact with strangers, children, and other animals. They are fond of kids and like playing with them.

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3-13 pounds
7-15 inches
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3-13 Pounds
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General Health

Some are prone to liver issues.

Below are some health problems to which the Poochin can be at risk to as their parents suffer from the same, as no exact official data is available: Major Concerns Mitral Valve Disease Hip Dysplasia Minor Concerns Patellar Luxation Cataracts Diabetes Von Willebrand\'s Disease Addison\'s Disease

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The Poochin does not much of a detailed history and is an offspring of two very popular dog breeds.

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The maintenance of the Poochin totally depends on the volume of its coat. A heavier coat makes it difficult to groom and maintain. The amount of hair which they have in the coat makes it a necessity for the owners to brush them several times during a week such as to avoid tangles. Like its parent, the Poodle, the Poochin is also said to have hyperallergic qualities and is not known to shed a lot. Time to time baths need to be given to the dog as only brushing does not clean them from the dirt that they gather in their coat, it must, however, be noted that one must always us a hypoallergenic dog shampoo such that they do not develop skin issues. It is also advised to towel dry them after baths and to trim their nails once a month. It is advised to brush their teeth twice a week at least such that there is no dental infection.

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Ideal Environment

This breed enjoys living indoors. They like to be outside for short amounts of time. They do well with children and other pets.

The ideal environment for a Poochin is a warm lap rather than outdoor activities. These low energy dogs love to be cuddled and loved making them easily adaptable to the life of an apartment as well. The Poochin does not need a lot of activity or exercise time. Playing indoors is enough for them as all they want is to please the family. They prefer a warm indoor climate and must be protected and paid more attention to during the cold climatic conditions.

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Does anyone know a reputable Poochin breeder? My poochin is almost 11 and I’d like to get him a companion in the next year or two.

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