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Ratese is a spunky, sweet and small breed that was developed by cross-breeding the Rat Terrier and the Maltese. This petite dog thinks he is big and scary and thus tries to behave the same. The dog is friendly and playful. This breed has medium or short fur that requires little grooming and shed negligible. The breed has hazel, gray, dark brown or blue oval eyes with a black nose. Ratese is good with kids when they are raised with them from a young age.

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The parent of Ratese is friendly but wary of toddlers and strangers. They need to socialize and trained properly. However, if a dog is socialized than also needs supervision when they are in the company of children. The Ratese is easy to train but needs consistency and patience. Any sort of physical punishment can make the dog aggressive. This dog breed likes to play with animals and have a vigorous drive for rodents.

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8 to 13 inches.
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15lbs to 25lbs.
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General Health

This dog owes some diseases of its parents. The Ratese can be predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia, Demodectic Mange, Dental Disease, Patellar luxation as well as heart issues like PDA. The dog can be affected by early tooth loss and food allergies. Legg-Calve-Perthes and Epilepsy Disease can occasionally occur.

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Ratese was categorized as mixed breed or mutts, but now they are called designer breeds. Naturally, it is difficult to know the exact origin information about hybrid dogs. For Ratese, the same is applicable. The Ratese inherited the traits of the Maltese and the Rat Terrier. Around 500 B.C. the Maltese had originated in Malta. The cunning cuteness melts the heart. In the United States, they are considered as one of the most popular dogs. Ratese has inherited the courageousness of the Rat Terrier too, and that makes a perfect combination of courageous cuteness.

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The Ratese needs care similar to other dogs. Brushing is required at least four to five times a week. It will be good to comb or pin brush to get fine hair that may be matted. To prevent mats, it is better to use dematter once in a while. Gentle shampoo and conditioner can also be used to prevent hair from breaking and prevention from static. Ear cleaning is necessary once in a week and toenails should be clipped once in a month with a toenail trimmer. Occasional bathing is necessary, especially when a dog rolls in something undesirable.

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Ideal Environment

The Ratese is a hybrid breed and fairly active. Due to its size, this breed is appropriate for an apartment. These dogs love walking, so it makes the right option for the family with a senior member. This breed is adaptable and can be easily fit in families of different sizes. However, the Ratese will not hesitate to react when bothered by a toddler, so the dog is not suitable for the family with young children.

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