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The Schipese has been developed by the combination of the Schipperke and the Maltese. The parent’s coats are different, and the Schipese can inherit any of the coats the white long and flowing white coat of Maltese or a black medium length harsh double coat of Schipperke. The Schipese breed is likely to have brown eyes and tapered muzzle. The body length is in proportion with the height.

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The Schipese is energetic, friendly, and fun-loving canine. The dog has a strong sense of adventure and typically impulsive. They are kid loving and a great companion for older people. Harsh treatment or teasing makes the dog intolerant. The traits of Maltese encourage the Schipese to be tolerant and peaceful with kids. But it is necessary to supervise the interaction between the dog and kids. Early socialization is important to retain cheerful and cold temperament. It also prevents anxious and fearful behaviors from developing. Sometimes the Schipese is mischievous and bit stubborn too.

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9-12 inches
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General Health

The major health issues are Distichiasis, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, and Dental Problems. The other minor problems include Ectropion, Entropion, Legg-Calve-Perthes, Hypothyroidism, Portacaval Shunt, Shaker Dog Syndrome, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Hypoglycemia. Occasional diagnoses of Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia, Open Fontanel, and Deafness is also seen in these dogs. Regular check-up of this goofy pooch is necessary to protect him from severe diseases. Some tests must occasionally be performed such as BAER Testing Blood Sugar and Thyroid Tests, X-rays, Eye Examinations, or other radiographic imaging.

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The combination of Maltese and the Schipperke creates a playful and active breed. The Schipperke is newer than Maltese. These were popular with craftsmen and canal workers. In 1960, the owners of the group of Schipperke came to Grand Palace to showcase their dogs who were wearing collars of carved and hammered brass that were designed specifically for the event. The Maltese is one of the ancient companion breeds found on an island of Italy known as Malta.

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Grooming is necessary depending on the type of coat. Generally, more grooming is required for all Schipese dogs. Bathing is necessary at least twice or thrice a week with a good shampoo and conditioner especially for dogs. It is necessary to brush the coat twice or twice a week to prevent matting. Schipese who has inhabited coat of Schipperke sheds more, and those inherited the Maltese require frequent brushing to remove dead hair. Schipese dogs are more likely to suffer from dental problems, so it is necessary to maintain their dental hygiene.

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Ideal Environment

This is an energetic and active small dog that requires at least half an hour exercise per day to keep him stimulated and healthy. It will be more effective if exercise is of shorter duration and takes place in regular interval of time. They love to go park where they can enjoy other activities such as dance, agility competitions, and obedience training. Due to their alertness, they make perfect watchdogs. They can live comfortably in apartments.

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