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Their hair may be long or short and their appearance will range between the Shih-Tzu and Dachshund.

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Schweenies are loving, loyal and have plenty of personality. They are easy to train and eager to please. They tend to attach themselves to one owner and favor that person even to the point they may develop separation anxiety. It’s best to socialize them with children from birth. They interact well with large and small breeds but can tend to be somewhat moody.

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11-20 inches
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9-20 pounds
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General Health

This breed has good overall health. They have no bone or hip issues. They also do not have the back problems of the Dachshund as they are not quite as long.

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This breed is a non to light shedder and needs to be combed frequently to prevent tangles. Their hair is typically cut every 4-6 weeks.

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Ideal Environment

The Schweenie is acclimated for apartment living. This breed should receive plenty of exercise just by running around the house and is suited for first time dog owners.

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I have a 10 week old, male schweenie. He has been fabulous and learns very quickly. We both work day shift and I have been keeping him in the bathroom during the day. My mom has been coming to get him in the afternoon or I go and let him out on my lunch. I am curious to know if he will get used to me leaving in the mornings as at this point he cries, barks and scratches at the door. It breaks my heart and I fear that he will develop some kind of anxiety disorder. Any help or reassurance would be great.

ours had that problem when we got her at 12weeks old. I found on amazon some anxiety/calming spray and that DAP diffuser. We spray the crate and fabric about 10mins before we place her in the pen and the difusser is constantly in the room.... it has gotten 99% better. In fact at night now she can't run fast enough to her crate (she is now just over 13weeks) Even on the weekends when we still continue our "workday" ritual.... meaning we get up let her pee and then put her back in the pen for a bit then let her out.... she seems to be adjusting well and realizing that we do in fact come back for her. She started out last monday putting up such a fit that we were afraid she would hurt herself... she even started howling (must be the hound dog eh?) now she is way better.

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