Photo What is a long amount time, that is, that they shouldn't be left alone? I work 8 hours days but spen

I have a 6 month old Schichon. I also work for 8 to 10 hours a day. I do come home at lunch to let her out of her kennel to potty and play fetch for a few minutes. On the days that I haven't made it h

Photo How do you pronounce Shichon?

She chon

Photo I have a shichon but he goes long periods of time with out eatting and he will only eat one type of

I find that if I feed my shishon on a regular schedule, then she will eat at those times. She is a picky eater, so I feed her Solid Gold Hund n Flocken Dog Food in the Gold Can and Sold Gold Just a W

Photo We have a Shichon that is 1 year 5 months old. He is SO smart and can be trained so easily to do &qu

have you tried potty training pads?

Photo I just bought a shichon and it was told to us it was 7 weeks but it was only 4 weeks and it died tod

no that is way too early find a better breeder yours seems sketch

Photo what can i do to help him stop from constantly scratching.I bath him every 2 weeks,I feed him scienc


Photo I'm wondering if someone might be bale to look at my video here:

hi there :) im so sorry for u.... from what I can see to me your puppy looks like a shichon... ( He's adorable! ) Even though your other friends have shih tzus and they look like Mugsy that doesn't me

Photo Hi - we have a mails schichon who is almost 2 and are considering getting a second but just wondered

We also have a 2 yr old male schichon and were considering getting another. I was afraid of upsetting our current dog as well, but decided to go ahead and get another schichon. Oh Boy!! Not only was o

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