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The Silkchon is a hybrid of Silky Terrier and the Bichon Frise. This cute and cheerful dog acquires its physical and temperamental traits from both parents. They are like a little cotton ball as their fur is exceptionally soft and delicate. They have a small buildup, and the bright eyes reveal their feisty personality trait. This breed is a perfect lapdog and is suitable for apartment life. If you’re someone who loves pampering your pets, then this dog is ideal. They have a life span of 12-15 years.

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They are playful, loving and protective of their owners.

The Silkchons are very loving, witty, and responsive. Hence, you can train them efficiently but remember to be consistent and patient while doing so. Each dog has its characteristics and traits. Therefore, it’s quite challenging to predict their nature. The Silkchons also inherits different features in varying proportion. For instance, if it acquires more characteristics of Bichon Frise, then it’ll be friendlier with children while, similarly if it inherits its traits from Silky Terrier, then can be rude with children. This breed is loyal, confident, and affectionate making them an ideal choice for its owners.

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The average height of male Silkchons is between 10-12 inches, and females can grow up to 9-11 inches.
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20 pounds
The average height of male Silkchons is between 10-12 inches, and females can grow up to 9-11 inches.
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General Health

The Silchons require routine checkups and proper diet as they are prone to several health risks. Some of them are as follows: Major concerns • Epilepsy • Patellar Luxation • Liver disease • Diabetes • Leg-calves Perthes Disease • Hip Dysplasia • Tracheal collapse • Hyperadrenocorticism • Cushing’s disease

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The Silkchon is a newly designed crossbreed. Looking back in history of its parents, the Bichon Frise dog belongs to the Mediterranean region having a history as a sailing dog which explains its love for the water. The Silky Terrier on the other hand is a cross between Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Terrier. This breed gained popularity soon, and as a result, it was acknowledged by the American Kennel Club in the year 1959.

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They require daily brushing and frequent grooming.

It has a long coat which can vary from straight, wavy, and slightly curly. You need to brush the coat daily to maintain the quality of fur and let it remain tangle free. You can shed its coat on your own to avoid frequent professional grooming sessions. Nail clipping helps to prevent unnecessary breaks and tear. It is mandatory to maintain regular oral hygiene to avoid any dental issues. Also, wipe off excess debris from the ears to prevent any skin allergies and infections.

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Ideal Environment

The Silkchons does not require high activity and exercises. You can take them for a short walk daily for 30-40 minutes. They can also entertain themselves in indoor activities, although they love going to dog parks and play cheerfully. As soon as they get tired, your adorable dog will come running towards you and will crawl into your lap. The Silkchons are best suited for apartment living.

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