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The Silkzer is a hybrid of purebreds Silky Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer. This small lapdog comes in various colors like white, black, gray, crème, fawn, and silver. They have a unique physical appearance with round brown eyes and triangular ears. They are great companions who mingle well with singles & families with older children. You can leave them alone at home because of their high tolerance for loneliness. These are ideal for apartment-style living. Their life expectancy is between

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Sweet,loving,stubborn and smart

Sweet,loving,stubborn,shy and smart.

The lively, attention-seeking, eager-to-please persona make Silkzers an attractive pet. They have prey hunting drive, which they acquire by genes. Thus, turning them into chasers for small animals. Although early training and socialization can help them deal better with this. They are also intelligent and excellent learners.

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It can grow up to the average height of 9-14
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21 Ibs
It weighs between 8-15 lbs when fully grown.
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General Health

Every dog has different health traits, and it is necessary for its owner to keep a check on it. You can make a health chart for your pet as instructed by the vet. Some of the common health issues that Silkzers are prone to are mentioned below: Major concerns • Leg-Calves Perthes Disease • Hip Dysplasia • Portosystemic Shunt Minor concerns • Cataracts • Atopy

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Just like any other hybrids, its history is also not adequately documented, and therefore it\'s unknown. But, before you adopt a Silkzer, make sure that you acquire all the information regarding its ancestral histories. The Silky Terrier is a crossbreed of Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Terriers during the late 1800s. It was earlier known as Sydney Silky and Australian Terrier. This skilled hunting dog transported to the US by some American soldiers. The American Kennel Club recognized it in the year 1959. Whereas, the Schnauzer developed in Germany with the aim of vermin control and guarding. It is a cross between Stanford Schnauzer and other German breeds(Poodle, Pinscher,etc.)It gained popularity in the US, and the American Kennel Club registered it in the year 1926. Today, it is ranked among the top 20 dog breeds.

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The Silkzers require a moderate amount of care for its silky, long, and double coat. They do shed less, and regular brushing helps to keep their coat dirt and tangle-free. Bathing is not frequently needed as it can dry out its skin and natural oils. Therefore, bath only when required. They are not prone to any dental problems; however, brushing once a week is obligatory. Also, keep a check on ears to prevent any infection or injury and don’t forget to clip their nails from time to time.

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Ideal Environment

They are playful but don’t require strenuous exercises or activity time of more than 15-20 minutes daily. You can take them to dog parks and short walks in the neighborhood. They enjoy playing indoors with their toys. Due to their high tolerance level for climatic extremes, they are adaptable to different surroundings. They appreciate spending time with their owners and stay happy while around them.

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