Photo 1) Can my Akbas stay outside during the day over the Minnesota winter? She has a wooden shed, Dog

My female lives outside year round in Canada. She is happy with the cold winters and hot summers. She has a straw bed, but mostly, unless it is really cold - she just lies on the snow in winter and

Photo do akbash dogs shed alot??

Mine sheds less then my other dogs but mine also has meduim lenght hair too.

Photo Do alaskan malamutes eat small animals like huskys do?

Are they good with people coming into the home and small children?

Photo Can akbash dogs stay outside in a dog house for some of the day or are they supposed to be kept indo

my akbash likes to roam alot outdoors and she usally only likes to come in to get breakfeast and dinner.

Photo What is a average price for a Akbash?

I have one and she cost $500 but I think it was a bit too much

Photo Is the Akbash the same dog as the Anatolian Shepard - just different name?


Photo Do Akbash have dew claws on their hind legs?


Photo Do Akbash dog shed alot? Because my mother is very sensitive to dog hair but she does want a dog.

no akabash dogs do not shed that bad (or really at all)

Photo Are Turkish Akbash dogs aggressive with small children.
Photo We have 3 small grandchildren. Are they safe being outside with this dog?

yes yes yes they the are the best protector they have if you train them right

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