Photo My ASTCD cannot go to the dog park anymore because he wants to pick fights with the other dogs for n

Mine is the same way! When he acts this way I put his leash on and firmly control him. This is a smart breed. He then behaves, for the most part. He may need a little command, but has make huge im

Photo We got our dog from a neighbor that wasn't sure if his tail was docked or he was born this way. He h

Some Stumpies are born stumpy-tail, some are born'rumpy-tailed', and some are born with tails. We have 1 stumpy-tail and 2 rumpy-tail ASTCDs. When we had our first litter we had 3 tailed puppies and 5

Photo We got our dog from the Humane Society. There was history from when he was 6 weeks old & adopte

I'm a breeder in Oregon. Not too far from WA. I'm listed on this site if you're interested in learning more about the breed and seeing purebred Stumpies.

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