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My beagle will not stay in the yard

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he/she just needs exercise try to introduce him to the yard show him around get him comfortable in the yard

To expand a little on the last answer...Keep your dog on leash as you walk the boundaries with him. This will give you the opportunity to correct when he steps out and praise when he is walking loosely at your side. Your dog will learn to look to you for a cue as to what to do next. Keep him mentally stimulated with lots of focus games and reward when he is doing well.

most of the time beagles like to rome around and most of them need fenced in yards and you could get a runner and put it up cause i have 15 beagles and there in a fenced in yard but beagles like to dig to

That is a tough one... they are great escape artists. They are very good hunters and will follow their nose wherever it leads them. You have to continue to check your fence and make sure there are no holes they can get through. After a while, when they realize they can't get out they won't try as much. That has been my experience and I have had 4 beagles. If they get out, immediately fix the area they got out. They will try that area again until they realize it won't work any more. I also find if I walk mine, they are less likely to want to escape.

Beagles need a dog proof fence. They have been instinctually bred to hunt what they smell and have a sense of smell many 100 times stronger than a humans. They WILL get out of a fence that can be dug under or jumped over. It is also not suggested to let them off leash as they may catch the scent of prey and OFF THEY GO!!!! There have been times in the 7 years that I have had beagles when they got out of the house and barreled down the street running like the wind.... it is very scary, but if they are well homed, are used to being with you, loved by you, and well treated they will come back when they are tired of running, but it has been my experience that if they break free it is almost impossible to get them to come back before they are ready. Yes walking and training are good things but hundreds of years of training cannot take the "Hunter" pack animal out of them... Best of luck, I wouldn't trade my beagles for anything!

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