Photo my beagle is 10 months old and continues to not come to me when i call her. she chooses when she wan

Since Beagles are high energy dogs, she might not be getting enough exercise and feels the need to run to burn some of that energy. Getting her to listen to you might not be as hard as you think. It

Photo My beagle will not stay in the yard

he/she just needs exercise try to introduce him to the yard show him around get him comfortable in the yard

Photo I have a beagle and just recently she mated with one of my other male dogs. I would like to know, ho

Her gestation period is 2 months and you need to see a vet asap to see how many she is carrying.

Photo We had our male beagle 'fixed' about a year ago. We now have 2 female dogs are are also 'fixed'. The

The humping action can happen even when dogs are "fixed." This is nothing more than a dominance action. Your male is proving that he is still the boss. This is something that needs to be

Photo do beagles keep warm in the cold

yes they do verry well

Photo My beagle likes to eat and play with his poop. Recently, since they're frozen, he's been bringing th

It is not good to eat poop. Discourage this behavior. It is called Coprophasia. It indicates a lack of nutrition. They will eat what they feel will give them the most nutrients. There is a treatm

Photo Since beagles were bred for hunting, can they live outside?

Of course, they don't all kill things unless trained.

Photo why do beagle ears have slits in them?

"In medical terminology, the slit on a dog's ear is called the "cutaneous marginal pouch." In everyday English, this translates to "a small pouch of the skin."The cutaneous ma

Photo My Beagle is 13 years old and here recently she has been loosing large amounts of hair and I can't s

as we all know dogs shed.If its in a large amount then your beagle must have eaten something that caused it this problem.Sometimes, dogs consume oily food and start shedding in a very huge amount.Do n

Photo My beagle puppy is 9 weeks old and has dry flakey skin that he is always itching. How can I stop thi

What type of food do you feed? You may need to buy a better quality food such as, canidae.

Photo I want to have Beagle but i'm allergic to dogs are beagles good dogs for kids with allergies?

They aren't best as they do shed, I would recommend a Bichon or a Maltese as they are hypo allergenic.! If your heart is really set on a Beagle then spend some time at a kennel and look after some Bea

Photo How long do Beagles live?

12-15 years for the average beagle. If you take really good care, 17 years.

Photo I keep reading that beagles are energetic dogs, and I am worried that my dog has a health issue. Bef

My beagle is the same way. Shes only 10 months and sleeps all the time. She will play if you really encourage her to though.

Photo Is it a good idea to get a beagle fixed? My mom and brother want to get our beagle fixed because he

It's a good idea to get any dog fixed! It reduces the number of unwanted puppies and prevents aggression. There are few risks to having your dog neutered and the end result should be a well-adjusted,

Photo why does my 9 month old beagle cry when she has a bone in her mouth?

It could be very much possible that either the bone is TOO big for him/her or the bone could be hurting the inside of their mouth giving the fact he/she is so young. I don't recommend giving them tabl

Photo My beagle will be 2 on March 17. She had parvo at around 15 weeks old and survived. She is very ag

Wow, I have never had that experience with my beagles... I have had 4 and all have been very loving pets. I am answering this in July and hope that you have not put your dog to sleep. Perhaps some b

Photo My beagle tends to shake when sitting down. Her front legs will shake as if she has the chills. Is

it's is common in dogs if they are young or they are nervous around something such as a certain individual.

Photo My wife is alergic to most dogs, is this a dog for us??

Beagles are not good for allergies. They are average shedders. The only way to know if she will be allergic is to spend time with some beagles and watch for a reaction. Some more allergy friendly bree

Photo i have had our beagle for a number of years now and she still does not walk very well on a leash. sh

Get something besides a beagle. They don't go for walks. They go for hunts. That breed was developed to hunt rabbits. Their default setting is to go nose down and all out. It's part of the fun of

Photo i have had my beagle for about 4 years now. every night she will be put in her cage and kept there u

Are beagle sleeps all night in her crate, but it's getting her in the crate, any ideas.

Photo I now have a 6 year old, retired female beagle. She is orange and white with a pink nose. Is there s

The lemon beagles have pink noses. I have one too and his nose will actually change color. I also have a tri color one and her nose is completely black

Photo are they good with other household pets?

As the owner of 4 beagles in my life, they are great with other animals. I brought a kitten into the house hold with 4yr old beagles and it took about 2 weeks of introduction to the kitten and all i

Photo Do Beagles get some kind of skin disorder

I suppose they can. We adopted our beagle from a neighbor and he was constantly itchy. It turned out that his previous owner objected to the natural odour that beagles develop and gave him baths exc

Photo Hello, We're thinking of buying a beagle but before, we'd like to know if beagles can safely stay a

It mainly just depends on whoch dog you get. I have a beagle bulldogmix and she can stay aat home just fine. We have left her for many hours at a time. Sometomes we do pit her in her kennel, and she a

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