Photo How well will a King Charles do with another adult dog but in a household where the owners are away

If you have time to properly train your new puppy, he/she should do fine. Your other dog would love the company. The puppy will probably chew a lot when you’re gone since she will have so much ene

Photo I have a six month old ruby girl and was just wondering about what age they first go heat

It varies depending on the dog. My friends Blenheim came into season at 9 months, mine at 8 months.

Photo I have a 5 month old cavalier king charles,i cant seem to find a suitable food to give him,everythin

well my dog has a sensitive stomach and i use Science Diet, try that to see if it works!!

Photo what age do thay stop growing

They mature at between 18 months - 2 years old.

Photo Do cav puppies lose their puppy hair? If so, at what age?? I have a 12 week old male puppy who is

We have a 14 week old female puppy and she is also losing her coat. We discovered she had a small hernia at the same time her coat really started to change. Is this normal?

Photo as i was read through the info about the cavalier King Charles spaniels i read that they dont like w

Ours does just fine living every day in Key West and it gets up to 90F here. We'll walk him for two hours every night and make sure to bring a cold water bottle for him.

Photo Please help I have a 2 year old male CKCP who is soo loved but unfortunately stinks !! He is well

could it be his ears, my pup also smelt constantly(like a dirty dog smell) even after bath, but now clean his ears every week with aurex ear drops, smell has gone,

Photo our spaniel is uncontrolable at feeding time. He gobbles his food and then licks the floor, carpet o

if they both have the same problem try giving them a diffrent brand of food

Photo I have a 6 month old male Blenheim puppy. He has reached the appropriate age for neutering but I am

people say that if you neuter your cavalier at any age that they become lazy/fat which can lead to fatal heart problems consult your vet first and ask him everything you are worried about.

Photo We just adopted a 6 month old pup but he is very skinny. Any help to improve his appetite will be a

try putting cottage cheese in the dish as well i have found that it has worked

Photo My seven year old cavalier has recently started spitting up. It happens when she gets up after layin

My dog does this if she has been lying on her back. Also sometimes gets fur in her mouth.

Photo I just bought a 8week old puppy yesterday and dont know what I should be feeding him. Should he be o

I don't have a cavalier puppy, but I really would like to have one though. I read your question online about what to feed the puppy. I've raised golden retriever puppies and I've always fed them the p

Photo How is the shedding and maintenance of the coat?
Photo My Cavalier, Dudley Do Right, is 1 1/2 years old. It was about November when his fur started to look

My Cav is doing the same thing he looks crazy. His black fur is growing faster than the white. Like yours its growing out. He looks funny. He is 1 right now.

Photo I've been wanting to get a cavalier puppy. The articles the I read about them.They are beautiful dog

I have a Cav and a Pug. The Cav is slightly taller about 1-1.5 inches and a little bit longer. He is not as heavy as the pug. He weighs 15 pounds and my pug is 19. They play very well together. T

Photo I am thinking about getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but I have already 2 cats. Will the dog

I have a Cavalier King Charles whom we all love dearly, I also have two cta who he loves to bits. They are his best friends and he there's. This breed gets along with everyone and anyone...

Photo I have just bought my second cav,7 months old. He seems to be very tall and long. He already weighs

Yeah i have a Cavalier King Charles boy and he is all legs and very long, while his sister is quite small and petite. Hes fine :) he will just fill out quite a big when he gets older.

Photo my cav is 5 months old and only weighs 5.8lbs. is that dangerously underweight for the breed at this

I have been around Cavaliers my whole life and now own three. The size varies....depending on Mom and Pop. Past that-there are often throwbacks in this breed as they have been with us since the 1400

Photo I have a 2yr. old Cav and she is extremely attached to me. I will be going on a 2 week trip and worr

You have to get her detached from you. Does she sleep in the same room as you? Do you take her with you everywhere? One reason dogs cry is because they are bored. Give her some of her favourite chews

Photo My Cavalier king Charles is one year old. she looks fat to me, I measured her round the body 18 inch

not to me it sounds cute and it is still a pup

Photo I have an 8 month old Cavalier. She weighs 9 pounds, is as long as my dauschund, and has skinny, lon

My cavalier just turned one last month and is still the same way. We stood him next to the standard size and he is much much taller with gangly legs and a skinny little body. Something to keep in mi

Photo Are Blenheim puppies usually tan and white? Does their tan markings change to a red color later in

usually as puppies grow, their hair will turn a deeper red or tan, but theres no real way of telling how dark they will be as puppies

Photo If I were to leave a cavalier king charles spaniel home alone while I'm at school for 7 hours will s

they may be alright but they will usually fight over food and water and cannot go to the batroom outside because they may poop on the floor.

Photo We have a cavalier female tricolored she is 3 1/2 months old. She has some feathering around her fro

our tri is 16 months and has only started growing longer fur and a bushy tail in the past few months. se is very tall and quite thin and i was worried about her although she is full of life and eats

Photo Me and my brother go to school and my parents go to work and im worried that if I get cavalier it wi

the cavs rarely bark so you dont have to worry

Photo What age do cavaliers usually pass away? Because mine is a male, 10 years old and can't do much thin

after about 12-14 years old

Photo I have a nearly 2 yr old King Charles and recently we have noticed blood in her stools, What is wron

I can't say for a fact, but my 5 month old Cavalier King Charles had blood and mucuous in his stools regularly from the day that I brought him home. My vet said he has collitis, and have been feeding

Photo i have a 7 month king charles that still has all of its puppy fur - its shedding alot, bt its fur is

it may take at least a year or so to clear all of the loose hair and it will all grow back within a months period.

Photo Do Cavaliers have fur or hair? Do they have an undercoat or contain a lot of dander?

They have fur. They can be bad for allergy sufferers because they do tend to shed a moderate amount. However, if you want a Cavalier that is good for allergy sufferers I would look into a Cavapoo. The

Photo Hi, We have a year old cavalier and she has just chewed the hair off the bottom of one ear! Why has
Photo Can this breed live outdoors with a doghouse in the yard?

No, I would not recommend it. They are not good in extreme heat or cold for long periods of time. Also, they thrive on human interaction, so being outside all the time wouldn't be best for them.

Photo At what age do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels reach their full adult size. I have two that are almo

Around a year old- I think your dog will be petite.

Photo I have a female Cavalier that just turned 1 year old but her hair on her ears is not long. Does that
Photo I have a 7 month old Vavalier and she has just started to go on heat. How long do they usually stay
Photo I have a 4 month old ruby cav unfortunately I have to work 3 days a week, she has a large pen food,w

I also have a tricolour Cav 8 months old now and I work 5 days a week. I take her out for a short walk before I leave for work so she can do her business. I have a large indoor run for her in which

Photo I have just been to see a blenheim cav who is 5 weeks old, but who was the smallest of the litter.

You can not determine a pup's future health by his birth size. He may have been the last egg fertilized by the 2nd or 3 rd mating and is really younger than the rest. He will catch up in size if that

Photo I got 5 month old Cavalier spaniel puppy about a week ago. I am feeding him Blue Buffalo dog food wh

It is very good holistic food so it should be 1/2 to 1 cup per day in 2 different meals.

Photo Does anybody know how to get better control over an overly excited 11 month old cavalier? No matter
Photo I have a 3 yr old king charles and she just had puppies back in december and she is starting to lose
Photo Hi, im going to be getting a male king charles spaniel tommorow and I have no idea what to call him

Hi, I have a neighbour who has a Cav. His son named him Rocky. But to me I think Oliver is a great name. The dog has a little tuft of hair on the top of his head. He looks like an Oliver.And to my su

Photo If my blenheim puppy was born with very light markings does that mean they will stay very light?
Photo Bread is my dog
Photo What are the health problem of dogs ?

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