Photo We have a 5 year old beautiful Chow Chow named Xena. We feed her very good holistic dog food and she

She probably has stenotic nares if it's a problem she's had since she was young. I work at a vet clinic and I have a chow puppy with the same problems. She breathes through her mouth a lot and weezes

Photo Hello we have a 4 moth old chowchow that will not play with us. He runs away when we try. If anyone

My puppy was the same way - kind of like a cat in that he decided when he wanted to play. As soon as I stopped thinking about him, he may slink around to play. However, he was pretty standoffish unti

Photo My 3 month old chow puppy has hazel colored eyes will they change to color to brown? If so, at what

The grayish brown you're probably referring to is more than likely your dog's undercoat. I have an adult cinnamon Chow he has the grayish undercoat going on as well. It's not big deal really, just wai

Photo I have a 2 year old male Chow Chow. I am at work about 8-9 hours a day and I was wondering if it wo

My Chow Chow loves other dogs. However he grew up with another dog. At one point it was just my chow chow for a few months (after losing my other dog) ,and when I would take him walking he would make

Photo How are these dogs with people with asthma? Will they inflame it?

I have asthma and have had my chow for 6 months now. She doesn't appear to have affected my asthma and I haven't had any flare-ups (other than when running with/chasing after her!) that I would consi

Photo I have a Chow Chow and she(wikket) has terrible breath I've looked at her teeth and have cleaned the
Photo Thinking about buying a chow chow. How difficult is it to maintain the shedding?

Chows need constant grooming and shed a lot. Get your puppy used to being brushed and combed. Be ready because we used to joke that you could make a whole new dog with how much mine would shed in a

Photo I got this chow/terrier mix in september of 2010 and he had just turned 2 years old. It took him aw
Photo I'm going to get a chow chow soon, and I was thinking 'What is the practical information about the d

i have a female chow how has jut turned two. socialize the pup well let people pet the dog u don't want a aggressive dog and if u don't u could have problems on ur hands my chow even was tough hand si

Photo I recently acquired an adorable Chow Chow puppy from a breeder and he wants to bite. I have been tol

my chow does the same thing and she is two. what i have found to work is to yap like a puppy and say it in a tough voice

Photo When does the tongue turn black? Does it turn at once or little at a time

The Chow Chow puppy's tongue starts to change color after about 8 weeks. It is a gradual change and can take up to 16 weeks. Some Chow's tongues may not turn completely purple however, with the majori

Photo How can I train a 4 months chow chow?

Chows require firm obedience training from the beginning and respond well to it. I recommend finding a local dog obedience training club or a beginners class at a specialty store (I think most PetsMa

Photo How long is gestation period for female to be in heat?

My little girl chow was bleeding for 23 days

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