Photo How does the redtick Coonhound act around the age 7 or 8 still very energetic or more laid back? Tha

more laid back but will still keep up or out run most 2-3 yr old dogs. when on the trail and will always be first at tree

Photo we have our first coonhound.... We need to send his papers in but we are not sure what we should ma

I would register as a redtick/bluetick. Hope this helps.

Photo My fiance and I rescued a dog from the pound last year. We believe that he is a redtick coonhound e

We have a Redtick Coonhound that we got from the shelter. He wasn't leash trained when we got him. I recommend getting the Halti lead trainer. It works great and keeps them from pulling. Once they

Photo We are adopting a 7 yr old red tick from the area shelter, are there any concerns or suggestions abo

ive gotta few english coondogs an one thang ive learned is dont let it off the lease till its used to its new home

Photo I have gotten a Coonhound in as a rescue. She looks exactly like the English Coonhounds that I have

They don't always have the red ticking. I've owned this breed with just one red spot on it's side.

Photo My husband found a Red Tick Coonhound in a state park while hiking. She had no micro-chip and was s
Photo is there still a bertenony breed

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