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The German Sheeppoodle is a fluffy dog with unique fur.  Round and covered in fur is their large head which leads to their square muzzle.  Large round eyes are normally covered in lots of fluffy fur just like their long floppy ears.  A thick neck leads to their bulky body which looks like a puff ball because of all the fur.  Muscular legs end with big round feet.  The coat is long and curly similar to a Poodle but it often forms cords which can make it look more like a Puli or Komondor.  Almost any coat color appears, including fawn, white, red, brown, black, as well as two-toned.

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The German Sheeppoodle is so rare that very little is known about their temperament.  However, they are a herding dog so they are probably intelligent and stubborn.  They are most likely friendly with their family but also protective over them.  Like most hunting dogs, they probably should not be trusted with small animals or cats.  Training would come easily to this breed.

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20-24 inches
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50-65 pounds
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General Health

No health concerns are known because of the extreme rarity of this breed.  The German Sheeppoodle would probably live between 8 to 12 years based on its size. 

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Very little is known about the origin of the German Sheeppoodle.  The most common theory is that the breed is closely related to the Puli, which came from Hungary.  Because sheep herders often traveled between Hungary and Germany, where the Sheeppoodle originated, it’s not surprising that some of the Puli dogs would end up in Germany and encounter other breeds.  Unfortunately, although the dog was an excellent herder, it may be extinct now.  No records of the breed have been found.  If you find one for sale, be very cautious about the parentage and make sure you are purchasing an authentic German Sheeppoodle.

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The grooming for a German Sheeppoodle is very similar to that of a Puli.  Cords will form and occasionally will need to be pulled apart and unmated.  Not much brushing would probably be needed and baths would only be an occasional grooming chore.  Exercise is very important to all hunting dogs, so long walks or runs outside every day would most likely make this breed happy and healthy.

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Ideal Environment

The German Sheeppoodle is not common so the likelihood of finding a true specimen is minimal.  However, they would need lots of exercise and would also require plenty of training.  Plus, like most hunting dogs, some kind of job is needed to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.  This breed would be active, so an apartment or home without a yard would not be suitable.  However, a home with a large yard or a country house with large amounts of acreage will suit any sporting breed, including the German Sheeppoodle.

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