Photo up to how many puppies do german shepherds concieve?

6-8 puppies

Photo how much do you cups of dog food per day she is 6 years old not dog years? Just got her.

2 bowls are enough.

Photo how soon can my 8 week old puppy start eating a complete dry mix food

"8 to 12 weeks,or after the're weaned."Changing different types of dry dog food too quickly can upset a puppy's stomach.For example,the first week is "Iams",and the second week is "Max".That can upset

Photo can i have a german shepherd in an apartment without a yard?

Yes, as long as you are committed to giving them the personal time and activity that they require on a daily basis. I.e. walks, runs, training, etc. A well trained German Shepherd is perfectly happy

Photo I have have two male german shepperd pups, and we are having a dominance problem,they continue to fi

How old are the puppies? Have they been neutured? If not, speak with your vet about when they can be. This will help some. Training will also help, setting you as the alpha in the house and allowi

Photo can you keep german shepherds outside??

it depends on their training

Photo Is 9 too old for a healthy, active German Shepherd male to breed for the first time?

No its not to old just make sure you put him and the female together and wait for 2 days and if you dont see anything happening he just doesnt want to do it and you cant force him to do it

Photo I have GCD puppy 6 month old and his high (size) is 19 inch to the shoulders, is that mean it's norm

he is normal he just needs to finish off growin and he will get bigger and bigger

Photo I just go a GSD puppy she is 7 wks old. Is it too early to walk her and get her used to being next t

Don't let the "puppy" fool you. She can handle a lot more than she lets on. She could be walking on a leash as early as 7 weeks and start training classes anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks. I re

Photo How old are gsds when their ears normally start to stand?

A GSD's ears will start to grow cartilage anywhere from 4 months to 6 months and they will be solid usually by the time they are 12 to 15 months.

Photo At what age is a gsd full grown?

Most believe they are full grown around 18 months.

Photo My 18 mth GSD screams when excited. She has always done this. Is it normal?

I have a two year old gsh. He has been extremely vocal since he was a little guy. I also have a friend with a 6 year old male - the same way. When excited with a toy in his mouth, sounds like a loud

Photo i have a 10month old german shepherd female, all off a sudden she has become very scared with pillow

Have you ever scared your pup with a pillow? How old is she? Or maybe, from where she had came, those people used to do something which made her frightened seeing a pillow.Like my German shepherd was

Photo We just bought 2 white german shepherd puppies and there mother was black and tan and there father w

I belive they will. All Black and all White GSD are born in the litters of the usual GSD colours, but are considered a fault. They make gorgeous pets and family members.

Photo How much shold my two year old fixed female german shepard be eatting a day

Depending on what kind of food she is eating. If she is on a Premium food she should be eating around 4 cups per day (2 in the am and 2 in the pm). Here is a link to my website. It has a lot of inf

Photo Is a female German shepherd more protective of its owner than a male?

they will pick there leader you never really no one way i could tell is my dog is always following me and always by my side of course i m the only one that feeds him and walks him and plays with h

Photo I have a white long hair that sheds alo.t I read that raw meat and bone help with that. If so, what

Fresh liver can help. Also try the Furminator Deshedding comb. I love mine.

Photo Any suggestions on preventing bloat? This is when the stomach becomes twisted and is fatal if not i

Get an elevated food dish.

Photo how much should they be eating?

1/4 less than a bag of dog food suggests.. keep them lean or you will have hip/shoulder issues

Photo Does anyone have any info on a German Shepherd/Huskie mix. I am looking at a puppy to rescue but am

That is a good and safe mix.

Photo Is it normal for a 3 month old GSD to show fear towords other dogs? He does very well with humans bu

You need to socialise your GSD to all different sounds and an early age. Also enrole at a puppy class the more your dog sees at this young age will make him more confident when he reaches ad

Photo Do german shepherds get along well with kids???

every german shepherd I have met is great with kids. We had owned one since she was four, and she was fantastic with our daughter and the neighbor kids. Don't let their reputation fool you, I would

Photo what are the common illnesses and diseases that occur to a GSD pup in a month of age?

Hip dysplasia and CHD are common diseases in GSD's, but they unlikely to occur in a puppy

Photo at what age will my black german shepherd puppies start standing his ears up.

they should stand between 3 and 4 months my gsd ears just started to stand and hes now 9 weeks but they up to 6 months depends on there teething any time after 6 months i would see a vet they mite

Photo Can I put 2 female gsd with 1 male? Will they fight when they are in heat?

the males will fight for dominance

Photo if pregnant, how many weeks before they give birth.?

9 weeks

Photo my german shepherd is 6 weeks pregnant, how many more weeks before she gives birth.?

3 weeks

Photo My partner can suffer from allergies. i believe GSD can shed excessively, would it not be recommende

No, short haired GSD do not shed less than the long haired one's.

Photo How long after birth should puppies start to walk
Photo Why is there a decline in docile temperament for German Shepherds around the country? I have heard i
Photo My 8 week old male gsp drinks tons of water and someone said limit it. I take it away two hours befo

Drinking excessively is frequently a sign of infection or another underlying medical condition. You should have your vet check him thoroughly. Sometimes the type of food you are providing can also t

Photo I have a 6 month old blue GSD Ive tried feeding her dry food adding a little bit of chicken or fish

It may help to give her all human food and then slowly add dog food until it is all dog food. Before she eats pure dry dog food, mix water with the food and then slowly get her off that until it is p

Photo I have an 8wk old GSD puppy that just all of a sudden started limping and sometimes even falling ove

I have a puppy that just turned a year. About age four months she start limping in her left front, although without falling down. Two vets told me that she would grow out of it and she has. Like I sai

Photo I have a two and a half month old German Shepherd that only thinks about food. I want to know how to

Until puppies are close to a year old, they should have food available to them anytime they want it. This is a time they are developing and growing quickly and need all the food they can get.

Photo is it a good idea to get a german sherpard that has been at another family for at least a year with

It's never too late to start training. GSDs are always in need of a good solid leader. If you can provide that leadership, then go for it. Be sure to do a meet and greet with your dog before agreei

Photo my GSD is one and half year old. and his size is 24 inch i want to know upto what age their growth t

GSDs can keep growing (minimally) until they are around 3 years. However, they do most of their growing in the first year. Keep him on puppy formula food until he's around 14-15 months. If you noti

Photo I have 2 pugs, and now my husband wants to get a German Shepherd puppy. Their is a huge size differe

yes if you keep with your pugs from the smaller age

Photo Within the last 13 months, I have adopted a male German Shephard from the CT Humane Society. I was t

I had this problem before. I just happened to think well maybe his problem was a bad experience from riding in or going someplace that scared him in the car. So I loaded him up a went a short distance

Photo Why is one of my sixteen week old german shepherd ears floppy?
Photo My German shepherd is only 1 yr and 4months and he has hip displasia but is doing well at this point

My GSD has arthritis and is being treated with acupuncture and this seems to be helping her she just turned 8 and has her spunk back. YEah!!!

Photo I wan't to know how long dud a puppy take for hes eyers to go up
Photo My german shepherd is aggressive after being attacked by 4 dogs. Before this she was friendly towar

you have to get a another dog and let your dog sniff him dont let your dog see big dogs thats when it gets all hyper and might bite him try with little dogs

Photo I have a 2 yr old male german shepard and he is now peeing some when he gets excited and when were g
Photo I am walking my GSD for a 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the afternoon and on sunday she gets

Yes Brother it is enough

Photo I went to a local breeder and visited with the puppies when they were 5 weeks old. I picked a male p

I was also the told to turn the puppy so you stroke his belly. If he doesn't wiggle than a calm dog but if he squirmed alot than he or she would be a problem


don't breed u don't know what your doing go talk to a vet now that u have made a bad move and do what they tell u

Photo my german shepeherd pup is for 4 months n his height is only 15 inch through head...he is not growin

probably going to die

Photo Hi all, I love all dogs...trained in general good behavior. My neighbors who are wonderful people ha
Photo Is it true that we should allow her to at least be pregnant once?If so why?

No, absolutely not! In fact, you could be putting your dog at risk for many diseases and cancers by doing so. Besides, with the pet overpopulation we already have, it would be best if you had your do

Photo My German Shepherd male is 5 months old,he still squats when he has a wee,does anyone know when they


Photo why does my female shepherd have purple pigmentation on her tongue?

Maybe she isn't pure GSD, she might be mixed with Chow Chow. This is just a guess on my part.

Photo my GS is so timid and run away from strangers, any time we are taking a walk my GS is so scared that

it sounds like she isn't socialized enough. GSDs need to be socialized at a early age, or it may become vicious. but if you work hard to prevent that, there is a chance to prevent that.

Photo Please help me to roll out my dog's breed ad her age ? It is a Female age approx 8-9 months He h

When can a female German Shepherd dog start breeding?

Photo I have a 10-11month old male GS who just start to favor his right front leg. It is apparent that he

Whenever a dog is limping or showing sign of discomfort it is definitely NOT normal. It's possible your pup might have injured himself on something, or perhaps he has a piece of gravel stuck between h

Photo A what age does a male German Shepard's testicals drop

A German Shepherd testicles can drop as early as 8 weeks or as late as 6 months.

Photo Is it normal for a GSD to have dark blue or sky blue eyes? I believe I know the answer but would lik
Photo Does this particular breed of dog prefer to live indoors or outdoors?

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