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(Deutscher Spitz) (Nordic) (Gross spitz) (Mittel spitz) (Klein spitz) (Giant German Spitz) (Medium Standard Spitz) (Small Miniature Spitz)  The German Spitz is an adorable breed that comes in three distinct sizes: toy, medium, and giant.  A smiling face always appears on their round heads and rectangular muzzles.  Covering its head is a fluffy mane.  Set close together are two large round eyes which are usually brown.  Small triangular shaped ears sit erect on their head.  Covered in fluffy fur is a short neck which leads to their puff ball like body.  Skinny legs are the only area of their body not completely covered with fur.  On their back is a ball of fur which is actually their tail.  The fur covering their body is soft and very full.  This breed can be found in almost any color including fawn, orange, red, black, gray, and most commonly white.

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German Spitz' are loving dogs with a cheerful personality.  Great with the family and always wanting tons of attention, this breed needs someone with lots of time for them.  Barking is their main problem because they bark at all animals and strangers, often constantly.  Plus, they are not friendly with other people or animals and may become snappish with young children.  Training a German Spitz is very hard work, because they are frequently stubborn and free willed.

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9-17 inches
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18-40 pounds
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General Health

The German Spitz has no common diseases in any of the sizes, but they can become obese easily if not exercised or if they are allowed to eat too much.  This breed has a long life expectancy of 13-15 years.

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All of the German Spitz’s sizes come from herding dogs, such as the Samoyed.  They were brought into Europe by the Vikings who regularly crossed onto the mainland to plunder towns.  Records of the German Spitz in writing can be found in Germany in the middle of the 15th century.  The toy version of this breed is actually the ancestor of the modern Pomeranian which developed separately after the dog was sent to Queen Victoria from Pomerania, Germany.  Today, none of the German Spitz sizes are common even in Germany.

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Grooming may look challenging for the German Spitz because of all their fluffy fur but very little grooming is needed.  Brushing should be done about once a week or mats will form which are time consuming to remove.  To keep any dog healthy, some exercise is needed but the German Spitz is not an extremely active breed.  Short walks, play sessions, or off leash runs will all make this breed stay fit and happy.  However, taking them jogging or on long walks will be just as good.

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Ideal Environment

The German Spitz is a cute and playful breed that is not good for many environments.  Not friendly with animals, strangers, or young children, this breed yaps continually at anything that seems threatening.  This breed would be a great companion for elderly people and can easily live in an apartment.  If you want an obedient breed which can be trained, the German Spitz is not for you. 

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I have a 8 month old German Spitz. He is healthy and cheery but his eyes seem to water often resulting in brown streaks emanating from each eye? why is this happening? Please help.

Their eyes weep while they are teething...this would be why.

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