Photo What do you suggest for itching/hot spots,probably allergies, although no testing has been done.

I suggest a special spray from the pet store or just try natural sprays. Blessings =)

Photo My golden retriever has been having scabs on his ears. Could you tell me what is wrong?

Probably an allergin to the enviroment. Try asking your veterinarian about it. It is either that or he just has an infection.

Photo how many puppies do they have?

About 6-10 on average. It is not unusual that 1 or 2 could die during, or shortly after, birth. Puppies are adorable!

Photo My Golden Retriever is about 12 years old and has many hotspots and the odor that comes from them is

my parents golden had hot spots ofter. They switched his food to Blue Buffalo and he had not had one since. It has been about a year and a half now. The food is more expensive but still cheaper than t

Photo My Golden may have eaten our beef rib bone. Should I be concerned?

if she ate it whole you probably should worry.

Photo My Golden Retriever has been paired up with my German Shepard for 7 years how would her breed typica

I think she will miss him extremely. One of my neighbors dogs had a companion and once the companion had to go, because the neighbors couldn't keep a big dog, their little one stopped eating and drink

Photo is golden retriever suitable to live in the Caribbean? Will it do ok in the heat? Could it sun burn?

Yes but it would shed more fur and would have a shorter life span.

Photo I have 12year old golden. She is constantly licking her front paws. Does it all the time. Why? What

My golden was about 10 or 11 when she started doing that. It's no concern unless there are wounds. Mine did it because she had bad arthritis and I guess it was as close to a foot massage as she coul

Photo My 11.5 yr golden retriever has stopped eating her dog food, for 3 days, her back legs are weak, she

The best thing to do now is to get her checked out at the vet - my Retriever got very weak and lethargic as she got old, age related health concerns are a worry as they pass the 10 year mark. She coul

Photo Is the Golden Retriever part of the Labrador family?
Photo Me, my husband, and my older son would like a dog, but our younger son claims he is not a dog person

If you are a family golden retrievers are perfect but they have to be trained well as puppies I have mine 4 years since he was a puppy and he is the calmest gentlest dog in the world . PS my mom wasn'

Photo Have a 10 year old female, very playfull but has started losing hair around hind quarters in small p

has ur dog has been in the woods latly?

Photo My son thinks his golden retriever may be having seizures this has happened 3 times once a year for

Talk to your vet about this problem...

Photo I do not know the owner of this puppy. I found a picture of it on facebook and I was left puzzled, w

unfortunately your picture didn't upload, or at least not that I am able to see. Also, need more details; color, approx. height and weight, etc.

Photo 4 yr old golden, Cody, fine yesterday an last nite, wouldnt wake up this morning at vet now..has any

I have never heard of this. What happened?

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