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The gorgeous Gordon Setter is covered in long flowing fur which gives the appearance of elegance as well as grace.  This wonderful coat comes in only black and tan which is very unusual for any Setter.  This breed has a small round head which leads into their long muzzle.  Small set almond-shaped eyes sit unnoticed on their face while large floppy ears stand out and are the most distinct characteristic of this Setter.  A long neck leads down from their head to their shoulders and deep chest.  From their body are two straight front legs and two muscular back legs which all lead to rabbit shaped feet.  Another beautiful feature of the Gordon Setter is their long tail which soft flowing hair feathers off of.

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The Gordon Setter is an extremely intelligent dog which is also easy to train.  Hopelessly devoted to their owners, these dogs will please their humans no matter what.  Strangers, children, and other animals will all feel the friendly and cheerful aura radiating from this brilliant breed.  However, like all dogs, they can have problems if not socialized at a young age or if they are not exercised appropriately. 

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23-27 inches
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45-80 pounds
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General Health

Bloat, cataracts, retinal atrophy, and hip dysplasia are all known in this breed but are not very common.  The Gordon Setter is a fairly hardy breed that lives an approximate life of 10-12 years.

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The elegant and refined looking Gordon Setter was made popular thanks to Duke Alexander in the late 18th century, although it had been developed about a century earlier in Scotland.  The dog’s name even refers to the Duke’s noble title.  The breed excels at hunting, even if it is a bit slow when compared to other typical hunting dogs.  However, it is also a wonderful companion animal for families.

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The Gordon Setter’s long beautiful coat seems like a challenge to care for but really grooming is easy.  Brushing and trimming is needed regularly but baths are rare and shedding is not excessive.  The extra time which is not put into grooming this breed needs to be put into exercising them.  Running off leash or going on long walks will keep them happy but if this is not provided everyday hyperactivity is likely. 

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Ideal Environment

The wonderful Gordon Setter is friendly but is a high energy dog not recommended for some families.  Sweet with everyone and everything, this dog is very affectionate.  However, they can become jealous.  Training comes naturally and easily to this intelligent breed but some stubbornness can occur.  A large yard with a fence and a house, not apartment, is important for having a balanced and calm indoor Gordon Setter.

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Have 13 yr old Gordon whose hind quarters have progressively failed him. Doesn't appear to be in any pain. I have to pick up his back end but once he gets going he is ok. The end may be near.Any treatment suggestions?

My 12 year old is the same way.He also is leaking a bit of urine at night - we have tried several remedies - DES, antibiotics and proin, which made him hyper. Though he's lost some weight now, a few years ago he weighed 112 lbs and the vet said he was not overweight. He's a very loving dog


8 year old Gordon previously diagnosed with Lyme and tick disease (not sure if that is related) has problems with incontinence usually at night, taking uricon, tested for urinary tract infectionany.

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