Photo My Jack is about 5. We rescued her about 4 months ago. They said at the spca that she could not go h

Not really advice, but some reassurance. My family owns, and have owned for many years, Jack Russell's and have found them to be mildy agressive towards other dogs - growling, etc. We have introduced

Photo Hi, I've purchased a Jack and will be picking up in two weeks. Anyone have some advice? I have tw

I have an irish jack russell (short legged) called Kylie, she's a pleasure! When i first got her i made sure i introduced her to the back yard first and then let her in the house but onlyy at my comma

Photo Do they get along with with boxer dogs?

Hi. Yes, I can confirm that they get along with Boxers extremely well! My Boxer was already an adult when I got my short legged Jack Russell and I found that she was extremely mothering towards him; m

Photo I recently bought a four-month old Shih Tzu; our Jack Russell is five years old and shows hostility.
Photo At what age do female jack russell terriers start their period?

Varies with the dog. Usually around the 8-9 month mark but can be closer to a year.

Photo Do they get on well with cats?

They love cats! There actaully scared of them a little!

Photo I have two female Jack Russells, ages 12 and 11. We got the second one before we knew it wasn't a g
Photo My 1 yr old Jack Russell cross West Highland White Terrier is afraid of everything. The dryer goes o

It is an nice time having a Jack Russell because they are active and i love to play with them

Photo I own a male Jack Russel Terrier cross. We have had him since he was about 8 weeks old. He is now ab

It sounds like your JRT might be more territorial than friendly. Usually you have to introduce dogs to other animals and types of people while they are young, just so they can socialize. I don't think

Photo We have a 5 yr old JRT and he really is our best friend. Not your usual JRT! He has always been ver

Maybe he's getting old.

Photo Hi. I have a 3 year old male jack russel terrier and he has been growling just when i go o pet him.
Photo my female jack russel is terified of lightning how can i teach her not to be afraid


Photo hi my my dog she wee sametime in side can u help me out on this

all l have to say is be care because there coo coo! stay safe!

Photo my jack russell is very bald on his underbellie is this very bald is this unusual Jim Melly
Photo my jack russell is very bald on his underbellie is this is this unusual Jim Melly
Photo my dog has very little hair on his underbelly is this usual Jim Melly

Yes, this is a trait of this breed.

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