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(Australian Koolie)(German Koolie) (German Coolie)The Koolie is a medium‑sized dog native to Australia, resembling a cross between a Border Collie and a Kelpie. Their coat usually comes in a merled pattern (a bluish gray color mottled with black), although they can also have white bibs and face markings. Their coats can be either smooth, short, or medium. Long-haired Koolies are not common. The Koolie can quite often have eyes of different colors, with one of tem being blue, the other either blue, brown or black. The Koolie Club of Australia defines the breed on its ability to work, rather than on its conformation.

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The Koolie is a very energetic breed, athletic and tireless  – loyal and eager to please their owners. They work at herding anything that moves – including people. They are good with children, but very protective. They are not dog-aggressive, and will not harm other pets if properly socialized.  The Koolie must be given mental stimulation or it will become bored and destructive.

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15-22 inches
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21-44 pounds
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General Health

The Koolie Club of Australia states that the breed is relatively free of common genetic disorders that are found in recognized pure breeds, however two known problems are a tendency to deafness, and sometimes blindness, thanks to the Merle gene. Because they are so athletic they can also sometimes have joint problems. When properly cared for, the average life expectancy for a Koolie is 18 years.

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The Koolie may be one of Australia's oldest breeds. They are thought to be descended from the same Collies that Thomas S. Hall – the originator of the Australian Cattle Dog breed – brought to that country in the early 1800s to work the sheep and cattle  farms. The Koolie Club of Australia was formed in 2000  to "preserve, protect and ethically promote" the Koolie breed.

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The Koolie is an average shedder. Brush the coat occasionally with a firm bristle brush. Bathe only when necessary, as bathing dries out the skin.

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Ideal Environment

The Koolie is not suited to apartment life. It needs a house with as large a yard as possible, so that it can get plenty of exercise. It will not be happy in confined areas, and must be exercised regularly, and given a job to do, if possible.

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