Photo I know they are not the perfect dog for the heat, but do you think they can tollerate it? I live in

We have a Landseer in Atlanta GA and she seems to do fine, although she is an indoor dog, and we keep a baby pool filled with water for her to play in when she is outside. Don't shave the dog, but kee

Photo I have a wonderful Landseer. We have one problem. He has terrible allergies. We live in Texas and wh

I give mine over the counter allergy pills. 50 mg It is real common and I buy the generic. it slipped my mind right now but it really helps the allergy problem. Hope this helps.

Photo Are landseer pups feet webbed at birth or older?

Newfies' paws are webbed in utero. It's one sign of an original breed. Most water dogs' paws web as they grow.....not the newf though. Their water instinct is as strong as their instinct to belong.

Photo My landseer went to the lake for the first time and didn't want much to do with the water. She's 3

She'll get used to it when she's older.

Photo I'm wondering about the Landseers and drooling. How do people deal with that?

All Newfies drool, but Landseers tend to drool less. Males drool more than females. The drooling can be stimulated by the site or smell of food and by excitement. When possible, remove your dog from

Photo How much does a Landseer Newfie drool?

They drool a fair amount,especially when they are warm or after they drink water.

Photo We have a Landseer Newfie mix. She has traditional Landseer markings and webbed paws from birth, th

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