Photo How do you tell if a mini aussie has separation anxiety?

Sometimes they get extremely clingy to you and then when you leave they get upset and do the sad eyes. Sometimes dogs with separation anxiety will bark and cry endlessly, make messes, or tear things a

Photo I am a runner and am looking at adopting a Mini Aussie puppy. I run a 5 mile run 3 days a week and a

I ran a half marathon with my aussie. I have her trained off leash so it was a lot easier-which isn't hard to do for aussies-I am not sure how I would train it to run that much, I trained with mine so

Photo When will my miniature australian shepherd have her first heat? I want to spay prior to this event.

Anywhere from 9 months to a year old.

Photo Can someone better explain what is meant by "sufficient exercise"? The meaning of that is

Aussie Shepherds as a rule need LOTS of exercise, either in the yard or long walks. I have a Aussie shepherd mix and she can run and play outside all day long and still have her hyper bouncy energy at

Photo My family is thinking of getting a mini aussie but how does a mini aussie puppy act around other ani

Most mini aussies get along great with other animals, if they were raised with other animals. My mini's and toys love their cats (the ones they grew up with) and other dogs. They may try to herd the

Photo I was wondering if someone could tell me the average weight of a 12 week old Mini Australian Shepher
Photo My family is looking into buying a miniature Australian Shepherd but our littlest girl is allegeric

Hi. My son and I have asthma and are allergic to pet dander which I found out after adopting a chihuahua. After 6 months of being miserable living with inhaler and nebulizer, I decided to give TUX up

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