Photo is it common in older breeds to develop a cough
Photo We have a rescue schnauzer and are unsure if it is a mini or standard. Does anyone know what the ge

Well ask a vet or just let it grow. if it is not two feet tall after about a year and a half it is probably a mini.

Photo I'm getting a mini and i wanted to know if solid white is accepted as a color?

I too am getting a white-mini and they are not recognized by the AKC for showing. The only solid color that is accepted is the black.

Photo I'm getting a schnauzer that is a miniature and i was wondering if even though it is a little smalle

You bet, you can compete in all AKC events except comformation. We have several people in Colorado that are competing in all kinds of different events.

Photo I have a beautiful 5 year old female. Is she too old to breed? How would I find a mate for her? I
Photo When is the best time to socialize one, my minu schnauzer/jackrusselterrier is turning one this nove

I'm not a professional trainer, but the sooner the better on socialization. Some training might comfort yourself and your dog. I have heard that dogs sometimes bark (even when their owner is present

Photo What do you suggest to clean the hair around the mouth of my schnauzer? It seems to have a dirty col

I use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, it is safe for humans and my dog doesn't have a problem with it. Make a paste and rub it in. It will bleach better than any shampoo.

Photo I am soon getting a mini schnauzer and Ive read about them not liking strangers or other dogs.. I ha

I am not a trainer, but have a 11 month old mini myself. We started taking her to local dog parks at about 6 month of age and we take her about once a week now. She has been great with other people an

Photo i am getting a 17 week old mini schnauzer. is it better to get a younger puppy? is a 17 week old alr

Our puppy spent his first five months locked in a cage at a puppymill before being rescued. He was with a foster family for three weeks who taught him that people can be loving and affectionate. He

Photo Do they mix well with other breeds or are the better off living alone?

my mini schnauzer is fun and very energetic.she is 1 years old.she has had a friend ever since she was makes her more friendly and she has someone to ply with.

Photo My mini schnauzer has dry, flaky skin and he itches a lot. no fleas but I was wondering if I can fe

I feed my miniature schnauzer a product called solid gold (holistic diet) get this lamb based food from Pet Edge. I give her treats called Dragonets also a product from Solid Gold. I use shampoo and c

Photo How well do these dogs mingle with cats?

our mini schnauzers best buddy is a cat. we have 2 cats. they get along great.

Photo Do they do well with cats?

my 4 month old Schnauzer loves to chase my cats. the older cat will tolerate her to a point and then she hisses and says leave me alone. the younger cat will hiss, growl and all kinds of stuff then

Photo can some one tell me about how many Miniature Schnauzers there are in the world? My son is doing a p

Aprroximately 19.

Photo I have (2) mini schnnauzers and I want to be sure that they are truely 'mini'. At what age are they

They have a lifespan of about 15 years. Their size is from 12-14 inches and their weight is 10-15 pounds.

Photo I have two questions. First, Im scared to let my mini schnauzer outside because when he return insi

I never let my schnauzer out side with out being on a leash, either me holding the leash or tied up to the yard stake for her to run around. As far as the smell, not sure what u r talking about there

Photo I have a 11 month old mini schnauzer is a boy. He is throwing up after he eats and is not keeping an

Mine did this for awhile. I changed his diet from the cheaper, fattier type food to a better brand and have had very few incidents of throwing up since.

Photo What is the ideal weight for a mini Schnauzer at 9 1/2 weeks? I dont want to over feed him but thnen

I adopted my schnauzers eight months apart as puppies from a breeder. With both pups I basically free fed them (let them eat till they were full) three times a day and gradually went down to two small

Photo My schnauzer weighs around 6kg(12 pounds) and according to the groomers it is overweight. How do i k

My Breeder who also shows maintains all are individuals, They should look right but have a waist line. Mine weighs 11kilos at 8.5 months and is fit and healthy.We in England let them carry more weight

Photo My sister is thinking about getting a mini schnauzer.. Do they shed?

Only as a puppy

Photo Do white mini schnauzers shed more than the others?

No, they all shed about the same.

Photo My miniature schnauzer puppy is almost 4 months old, and one day last week his ears went from being
Photo I have read that mini schnauzers are bad for barking. I live in an apartment so I am worried about i

I recently purchased a Mini Schnauzer for the purpose of being a watch dog. He is 4 months old and only barks when someone passes by my apartment (sliding glass doors) outside. I praise him for this b

Photo I have a 5 year old cat and now I want to get a miniature schnauzer. Can anyone tell me what should

I have two minis (Jackson and Dixie) and a 2yr.old grandson. We had the dogs before the grandchild and they have been wonderful with him! Jackson is very protective of Trey and Trey has given kisses a

Photo I have a miniature schnauzer, she is 1 year old, suddenly yesterday she started to have difficulty i
Photo At what age should you first groom your Miniture Schnauzer?

I have a salt and pepper that is 13 weeks old and we have groomed her twice already. We groomed her the day we got her at 5 1/2 weeks old and we groomed her just last week. She doesn't particularly

Photo I have a male miniature Schnauzer that is nearly a year old. I read in a book that it is recommended
Photo We have two miniature schnauzers who are 7 months old.When should they have their first clip??
Photo My Miniature Schnauzer is 4 months old and he is already 12 inches at the shoulder. How much more do
Photo I have a 4 yr. old salt and pepper, female mini-Schnauzer, and the light color of her coat has alway

It's a type of yeast, from getting the paws and face wet. Try to dry the face and feet more thoroughly, and it is safe to wash face and feet with witch hazel, to kill the yeast

Photo Why does this type of breed have a long beard under there chin?
Photo My friend's mini schnauzer just gave birth to 4 puppies (pure breeds, 12 days ago) and he's giving m

You should only take a 7 week old puppy if you have no other choice. They really develop a lot during the 7th week and will benefit from being left with their mother.

Photo What color does the buff colored schnauzer turn into and at what age does it change?
Photo Hi we just got an 8 week old mini shnauzer. She is biting our little daughter what is the best way t
Photo Is it common for Miniature Schnauzers to have watery eyes and/or runny nose?

Must be. Mine does.

Photo Six years ago we bought 2 mini-schnzrs a brother and sister they seemed fine for the first 3 yrs but

I have a 3 year old Mini Schnauzer and I love her and her bumps to death. There is not much you can do to get rid of the bumps, but the itching you can put an end to by giving your pup baths with Ave

Photo I am considering getting the miniature schnauzer and I have 14 year old Dalmatian (grumpy but not as
Photo Do schnauzers have a stink gland and if so how many and where are they located?
Photo I rescued a mini schnauzer from a breeder that didn't treat her very humane. At first she was very l

Poor babies are very emotional. If she has had a previously hard life don't give up. Even if you get bit once or twice don't let her continue to isolate herself because they are very human like. Yo

Photo My Mini- Schnauzer is about 7 years old & sometimes she will start shivering all over & act
Photo I have two mini Schnauzers who i got when they were both 6 months old they are brother and sister, t

Rather get a kitten. The dogs will be very interested in it at first and it will soon learn that it cannot fight the mini's and thus rather submit to their inquisitiveness or play along. An older c

Photo I have two mini schnauzers from the same litter. They are Brothers and are 16 weeks old. They seem

We have brother schnauzers and they LOVE each other. They play and fight and take good care of each other all the time. We have only had them for a year but I can not see them ever being a "disa

Photo What is the normal weight for a 1 yo miniature schnauzer?

I would say the normal weight would depend on whether you had a male or female, but it should be the average of between 10-15 pounds. The Mini Schnauzer I had weighed in at about 17 pounds full grown.

Photo I have a one year old mini schnauzer who I've had as a puppy. He's really pretty well behaved, but
Photo I have a 6 month old s/p puppy and was wondering at what age are they considered full grown? I have
Photo i have a five month old miniature schnauzer male. can he be trained to use the litter box ?

yea sure, why not!If you train him properly he will always use the litter box to pee etc. Hope this helps :) -Sreemoyee

Photo My 3yr old miniature schnauzer's beard has suddenly developed a very bad, rotten odor.Every evening

sometimes that gland in their needs to be drained


I had a min schnauzer for a wonderful 12 years. These dogs are very intelligent but (notice the "but"!) they can be very strong willed - you must let them know you are the leader from DAY 1.

Photo It seems if she is groomed and washed she always has a funny smell on her, is this normal and is the
Photo Is there a diffent in the white min schnauzer behavior then the other color I have a white min and h
Photo I have a white min schnauzer what can I use to keep him nice and white .


Photo Is a miniature Schnauzer good for children over 1 year old?

I have a 7 year old Mini and she was purchased when my daughter was three. She has been an excellent pet and recently has been exposed to several times to children under three and has been excellant

Photo Been feeding Purina. Dog is 16 mos. Beginning to change over to Science Diet. Give very little tab

My miniature schnauzer had bad gas until I switched her to Taste of The Wild, because it has no grains. Grains are what gave mine bad gas. Since the switch, gas is rare.

Photo my dog gets large clusters of bumps on his back right between his sholder blades and bites at his ba

Schnauzer bumps, I was told they are clogged ducts. I used Silver Spray on them and they are completely gone.

Photo I'm boarding two schnauzers, a male and female. The owners are out of reach. The male has a habit o

I believe thats what he is doing,smelling as you know dogs use their nose for everything and hes in a different environment full of new smells

Photo hi its ciera iwas wondering if you know whos the author of this article or website
Photo hi its ciera iwas wondering if you know whos the author of this article or website
Photo I have a 1 year old Schnauzer named Scooter, I am wanting to breed him at least once, at what age is

I heard from a vet that when a male hits 2 years old is the best time to breed. Otherwise, he will not take it seriously.

Photo What kind of food should i feeed my mini schnauzer

My mom swore by Iams and so do i. It is partually broke down already sob they can get all the nutrients out of it,unlike all other dog takes twenty minutes for a dogs food to leave theyre sto

Photo My dog is looking up at the ceiling. She will do this in the morning mostly. This is not the first

I have a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix who does that and also will watch airplanes go by outside - I think it's just something some of them do! I always look to make sure there isn't a bug or spider on t

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