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(Hungarian Mudi) (Canis Ovilis Fenyesi)The Mudi (plural, Mudik) is a Hungarian breed, and rather rare. The breed has a unique-looking coat, with short hair on the face, and dense wavy curls everywhere else. The Mudi comes in colors including black, white, red, brown, gray and "cifra" (blue-merle). The head is wedge‑shaped head, the ears are pricked, and rise to a point. The eyes are oval, and dark brown in color. The nose is pointed, the jaws are muscular, the bite scissors. The Mudi has a long, straight back, and a long, wavy tail.  

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The Mudi may have a naturally short tail.

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The Mudi is highly intelligent and makes an excellent working dog,  watchdog, or family pet. They are strong, courageous, and will take on anyone or anything that they believe is attacking their family. They are loving and gentle- but they tend to bond with one particular person and can become needy.  The Mudi is wary of strangers. They are not dog-aggressive, and non-canine pets are safe with them as long they have been raised together from puppyhood. They should also be socialized with children from a young age. . The Mudi is a barkers.

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14-20 inches
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18-29 pounds
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General Health

The Mudi is a healthy breed. Cases of hip dysplasia have been reported.

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Until the 1930s, Hungarian herdsmen classified all their dogs together. A Dr Dezso Fenyesi separated the Mudi from the Puli and Pumi breeds around this time, however, and indeed the Mudi's official name is Canis Ovilis Fenyesi. However, the Mudi has always been rare- the Puli and Komondor were more popular as working dogs. Nevertheless, the Mudi is a versatile breed, and can be used as flock guardian, sheep or cow herder, guard dog, to hunt vermin, or simply as a companion.

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The Mudi is an average shedder. Comb or brush once a week to remove dead hairs.

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Ideal Environment

Although the Mudi can live in an apartment if necessary, it is really not suited to such a confined space. They need room to run and play, and need a large yard, as well as frequent walks. They can live outdoors.

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Im just curious, is it possible for a Mudi to have a short coat?


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