Photo can a newfoundland puppy have a pure white base coat, if so will he lose this and become all black a

I am not sure what you mean by "base coat" (the soft underlying hair, perhaps?),but here is my 2-cents-worth. I have never heard of this. I think it is unlikely that such a pup will grow hair that is

Photo I would like to know if Newfies come all white?

No...only solid with white patches on feet, tail tip, chest and chin...or landseer not all white...

Photo I have been researching large breed dogs. I currently have (2) Boxers that I love. All my life I h

It should be fine to own one. As long as you give it lots of shade and don't give it too much exercise and it should be fine. Give it lots of water with ice cubes and make sure it gets lots of swimmin

Photo We have an approx 7 month old newfie mix and I just wondered if it is common for them to loose their

You should bring it to the vet just to be safe. But it could be due to the mix. Occassionally, a dog will shed. But not this much. He should grow in a new coat as soon as you change his food

Photo We whant to breed our dogs,but whanted to know is it best to have them both checked over to make sur

I think you should get them fixed. It's really up to you if you want to breed them. Yes you should give them a health check before breeding. A male usually stays in heat for a year. He will be chasing

Photo My newfie puppy is approx. 9/12 months old. Since we purchased him at 3 months old, he really isn't

male newfie should weigh about 130-150 lbs

Photo Hi I have a 11 month old newfie he isn't a bad dog in anyway he is just alittle hyper at times and w

If the showing of the teeth looks as though he is almost smiling then it is a sign of obedience and desire to please. My two year old Newf does this all the time and its her way of seeking approval.

Photo Would a newfoundland be a good pet for a 12 year old boy

A newfy is the best dog on the planet for children so yes he would make a excellent dog for a 12 year old

Photo I would like to know, do we need a fence for those kind of dogs? We live on a two acres property, in

Newfoundlanders are easy to train and will patrol your property without benefit of fencing if properly raised. Otherwise anything 6 feet or higher that they can't climb or jump or knock over. I live

Photo We're thinking of getting a Newfoundland but I would like to know, if the breeder ask us to have the

When a responsible breeder is selling a pet puppy it is ofen a requirement that the pup be fixed to help stop puppy mills. If the sale contract requires this and you do not fix the puppy the breeder

Photo I have a 3 month old Newf puppy who gets really hyper and barks and bites. She only does this for a
Photo How much should my female Newfie weigh at three months old?

27-32 from my experience

Photo why is my newfie a shrimp? She is 7 months old and does not seem to be growing.. Her parents are bot
Photo My male newfie is 25 weeks old today. All ay he is lovely but in the evening he goes crazy,nipping a

hehehe, wait till he is 52 weeks and still doing the same. The Newf acts like you do. If your very outgoing the dog will be, if your a couch potatoe the dog will be. A newf is always seeking approv

Photo I have a 4 month old female landseer and all she wants to do is sleep.. Is this normal and will she

Your lucky you got a female. I always recommend a female for a calm house pet. I have yet to have a female who was bouncing like the males. To set your mind at ease though you can have her vet chec

Photo my newfie is 8 months only ways 60 lbs and is and stands1 5-17 inches tall .. I am disapointed that

no some dogs are big , some are small , you know.... like humans !!

Photo We are the proud owner of a male newfie, just recently we were gone. And left him outside to play. W

It's just due to there size. I have a male that barks at everything coming down the street and people are scared once they see how big he is. They are protective dogs but will never bite. What I wo

Photo I live in a neigborhood and have a 7 year old and an 8 month old newfy. The older one does not need

My brother has a pitbull and he has an electric fence. The dog will never go anywhere near the property line. I have a newf that laughed at the fence. He just walked right through it and looked bac

Photo can the newfoundland coat be cut to keep them cool in hot weather

I know people who do have their newfs shaved in the summer and send the fur to a knitter to have xmas present made like hats and scarves and stuff. I do not do it personally as the fur helps protect

Photo My 3 year old newfoundland has bone cancer. None of his relatives has this disease. Why does mine ha

I have studied this breed for years and bone cancer in animals is much like humans...not one of the most common cancers for this breed.

Photo I have an 8 month old black newfie who is well built so far at 85 lbs. Everything in the growth pro

I wonder if it's a skin allergy. My newfy was allergic to a particular brand of dog food. My Saint Bernard wasn't but as soon as we switched food to another brand it went away. Several months later

Photo I have a six month old Newfie and he weighs 65 lbs, Is this an average weight for this age? He is v
Photo I just lost me beautiful newfie yesterday and it was bery unexpected. She was happy in the morning a

I am not an expert but Newfoundland’s can have several genetic defect it could have possible been a heart defect. I am very sorry for your loss

Photo what is the best age to get a newfie should it be when its still a puppy or should i get it when its
Photo I have a 9 week old Newfoundland puppy had it a week and the top coat on it’s tail looks as i

Yes, this is normal for them. They have all this fluffy puppy hair and then it starts to come out and they get really shiny but look kinda funny . It just gradually moves down untill they lose it all.

Photo Trying to place dumped dogs breed;. Purple tongue, natural bobtail (know because sired bobtails) sol

I think chow chows are the only dogs w/purple tongues. What ever other breed he is mixed with....I would assume chow is one of them.

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